Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The heart rate monitor Polar V800 in Test

The heart rate monitor Polar V800 in Test

The Polar heart rate monitor is V800 and Activity Tracker in one. With its numerous training functions is one of the top models in the market.  The heart rate monitor Polar V800 is the premium model of the manufacturer. The polar V800 is an allrounder. This makes the gadget to one of the best heart rate monitors on the market. She stands out above all the fact that they monitored all day as Fitness Tracker activities. This can hardly another GPS clock.

Polar V800: cribbed from Fitness Bracelet
With the V800 Polar has taken a step that was long overdue at Heart Rate Monitors. The model has an integrated activity tracker. The function comes from Fitness Bracelet Loop. This is handy for anyone who uses both pulse watches and bracelets Fitness - the Polar V800 is namely both in one. Particularly ambitious athletes benefit from this feature.

After a few seconds GPS reception
Even other heart rate monitors by Polar as the RC3 GPS impress with fast GPS reception, but the V800 is on here one more. When you activate the function, the display shows few seconds later "found GPS" the message. Flotter can not work positioning. The battery lasts here around 14 hours.
Intuitive menus

Those who already had other products of Polar in his hand, which can quickly become accustomed to the menus of your watch. But even newcomers quickly look through the menu-control. Nicely solved, the manufacturer here using the barometric altimeter. Before every training session you can recalibrate the level. This will save you a circuitous route through the menu and makes easy the adjustment.

However, the heart rate monitor still attaches much more data. It shall consider the balance between training and recovery, and she tells you, with which you start loading in the next training session. Also how much, well you are sleeping, the V800 has in view.

Exercising with chest strap
The pity is that the polar V800 still required a chest strap, already without the few manufacturers. An optical sensor, the device has not. But that is only a small flaw because just have the watches of Polar reputed to offer the best pulse functions. A stride sensor that measures the cadence and stride length, Polar provides not with. The you need to also buy.

Conclusion: GPS clock for ambitious athletes
The polar V800 is a smart training partner. The combination of heart rate monitor and Activity Tracker is especially useful for ambitious endurance athletes. Because: It monitors the fitness throughout the day. They are joined by the well-known strengths of Polar watches as a very good GPS and pulse function.

But you must continue to do without an integrated foot pod. Even the chest you need to register before each training session. But these are only minor points, which hardly spoil the thoroughly positive impression of Polar V800. The polar V800 will cost the manufacturer 399.95 Euro, the Internet, you can save a few euros. The variant with chest strap for heart rate measurement is available for 449.95 euros (RRP).

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