Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Mysterious Mass Grave Among Paris Supermarket

The Mysterious Mass Grave AMong Paris Supermarket
Mysterious mass grave among Parisian supermarket workers made a gruesome discovery when they should extend a supermarket in Paris: In the basement are 200 skeletons stacked to save space. Archaeologists have a guess. Under a supermarket in Paris a mass grave was discovered. Archaeologists examine it now. Incredible find in the French capital: In construction under a supermarket in downtown more than 200 skeletons have been discovered. Search now archaeologists for the cause. A spectacularly large accumulation of bone was found during construction work at a Monoprix supermarket near the Centre Pompidou in Paris. 20 skeletons. And next door in a chamber the same again 20 skeletons. The construction workers were digging further. Finally, they discovered six other chambers with human remains. Neatly stacked six tiers high, there were a total of more than 200 men, women and children - in a mass grave.

Construction workers had stumbled upon the mass grave, as if they wanted to expand the basement of Monoprix on Boulevard de Sébastopol to other sales areas, such as French media reports. Employees of the National Archaeological Research Institute (INRAP), which were launched in the city center to the locality, took before first estimates.

So unimpressive looks the supermarket from the outside
According to their opinion, has been on the land of today's store in the Middle Ages a hospital. This hospital Trinité (Dreinigkeit) from the 12th century has been collapsed or demolished in the 18th century. The supermarket was built directly above, added the branch manager of Monoprix, Pascal Roy.

A very special Fund
The skeletons are probably victims of sudden illness or catastrophe, as the archaeologists suspect. "The fact that the skeletons so closely next to and above each other in a mass grave, leads to the supposition that it might be victims of an epidemic like the plague that ravaged France during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries has "the experts further said.

The Fund is something very special because the same appeared so many human bones in one place. The grave offer an excellent opportunity to learn about the funeral practices of the past. Isabelle Abadie, who heads the excavation, said that the dead were not then simply thrown into a mass grave, but that they were stacked separately, probably to save space.

Nobody had expected that underground are still so many human bones in the center of Paris. These remnants DNA testing now be carried out in order to enable an exact chronology and accurate background information about the mysterious mass grave.

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