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These five places in Bavaria you must have seen!

These five places in Bavaria you must have seen!

Munich - Munich Many flee over the weekend out of town. Then spend a day at the Walchensee, at Herzogstand or other well-known destinations. But hardly anyone knows places like Ratzenhofen.

1. Enzelhausen: There supposedly the best in the world Weißwürschte
Maybe you have to start an article about secret places in Bavaria with the place where there is said to be the best in the world are Weißwürschte: Between Mainburg and Moosburg, quasi at the northernmost edge of the district Freising lies the small town Enzelhausen. Just across the road and the river Abens flow through the village, which is surrounded by hills, where far and wide extend hop gardens. And right next to the disused railway station, where once the so-called "Holledauer Bockerl" held and where Enzelhausen itself is already coming to an end, there is the Maier host.

These five places in Bavaria you must have seen!

The inn enjoys in the area legendary status. This is called the host Maier also Weißwurscht host. It is said that here there is truly the best Weißwürschte the world. And since Weißwürschte must be served traditional vor 12 clock, inn-owner Erwin Maier, the opening times thereafter aligned: Only on Friday the Maier host open 8-14 clock. Then there is only Weißwurscht breakfast. A visit is Enzelhausen for all time value.

2. Ratzenhofen: Only walking, then the beer garden
After breakfast in Enzelhausen we continue to Ratzenhofen. The 200-inhabitant village lies between Mainburg and Abensberg. It is known for its castle but also for the adjoining palace garden, served in the April-September beer in stone Mass jugs and Bavarian specialties are served. However, the hiking trails around Ratzenhofen worthwhile for a day trip: Approximately one can wander through the Abenstal to Glaser Gangsteig after Elsendorf, or the "trail hops and beer". It leads from Ratzenhofen to Mainburg. During the walk you will pass a total of 15 information boards. Here you can learn all about hops, the Bavarian Purity Law, and beer brewing.

3. Nandlstadt: Bathing in the forest
Who is tired of overcrowded pools, where bathers each other rise to the towels and the water smells of chlorine that needs to Nandlstadt (district of Freising) come into the forest pool. Here you can relax surrounded by idyllic nature.

These five places in Bavaria you must have seen!

The water area is 3000 square meters. In addition, more than four acres surrounding area with woods and extensive lawns. There is no chemistry, no white tiled pools and no oily water films. The water in the forest pool shimmers green. The surface of the basin is made of natural stones. Serve with the wooden raft and the stone water island. Can move you in a locker screw from thujene. And of course, there is a beer garden with traditional dishes and different pizzas. The entrance to the forest pool is the way free.

4. Rec Bach: festival feeling in the Holledau
For more than 30 years, the festival Holledau goes outside the small town Rec Bach (Kelheim) on the stage. Nevertheless, the open air between hop gardens is still considered an insider tip. Mainly occur here Alternative-, reggae, and ska Brass- acts. A total of 14 artists playing from Friday 3 July to Sunday 5th of July at the small festival stage. Here the line-up:

These five places in Bavaria you must have seen!

Each visitor will receive at the entrance its own beer mug for drinks, he keeps the whole weekend. In addition to the family festival atmosphere is special about the open air, that it is a charity event. The organizers donate all proceeds to charities and social institutions. The festival Holledau in Rec Bach is so definitely worth a visit. The weather will be good this weekend.

5. The home garden and the Rabenkopf: In the Shadow of the Herzogstand
No, we encourage you now not to spend a day in the home garden, but to climb the home garden, a mountain near the Walchensee. Although he is a bit bigger with 1790 meters above zero as the neighboring Herzogstand (1731 meters above zero), the Home Garden is located in the shadow of the Herzogstand, in terms of awareness. Finally, the summit of the Herzogstand is easily accessible throughout the year and therefore the most visited mountain in the region. But the home garden on the north-western cornerstone of Walchensee Berger has plenty to offer itself: From the top you can see far to the north into the foothills of the Alps. The Home Garden is easily accessible due to its low peak position quite early in the year and until late autumn for hikers.

The same applies to the Rabenkopf (1555 meters above zero), which lies in the northern part of the region between Jochberg and Benediktenwand. The plenty of stops along the way to the summit make the Rabenkopf a worthwhile destination. From above, the view extends all round into the Karwendel and Wetterstein. Directly under the Rabe head is the Kochelsee and the lakes of the alpine region. Here you will find directions to Rabenkopf and here for home garden. It may not always be the Herzogstand or Walchensee. Bayern has a lot more to offer.

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