Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TTRobotix Seawolf: submarine for GoPro cameras

TTRobotix Seawolf: submarine for GoPro cameras

TTRobotix Seawolf is a small submarine for underwater videos. On board is an action camera GoPro Course. So impressive shots can make more cool. The submarine Seawolf TTRobotix can dive to a depth of ten meters. It is equipped with a holder for the GoPro. Filming underwater and stay dry even: This is the mini-submarine Seawolf TTRobotix. It has a mount that is compatible with Action Cams GoPro. The engine produces 1.8 knots. That's about 3.5 kilometers per hour.

TTRobotix Seawolf. Buoy sends images
The images transmits TTRobotix Seawolf wired to a buoy on the water surface. It sends the signal either on a smartphone, tablet or the remote control of the submarine with eight-inch monitor. As an alternative to this radio variant there is the Seawolf also in a version with a 30 meter cable.

Extremely manoeuvrable
A remotely operated underwater drone is one meter long and weighs eight kilograms. She penetrates in depths of up ten meters. Extremely manoeuvrable TTRobotix Seawolf is through a three-fin stabilizer system as well as high altitudes rowing. A four-blade metal propeller drives the submarine. A Auftauch automatic provides additional safety. The remote-controlled submarine will cost 909 euros (RRP).

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