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Tutankhamun Exhibition: The Return of the Pharaoh

Tutankhamun Exhibition: The Return of the Pharaoh
Tutankhamun: The Return of the Pharaoh The exhibition Tutankhamun - his tomb and his treasures guest performances until 13 September 2015 the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich.  "I see wonderful things," Howard Carter reported to have said on 26 November 1922 its aristocratic sponsor Lord Carnarvon, as he held a candle in a hole to the antechamber of the tomb of Tutankhamun, who died more than 3,000 years ago Pharaoh. After five years of painstaking and fruitless first excavation work in the Valley of the Kings, British archaeologist had made a unique discovery until today shortly before duty of the excavation project: a nearly intact pharaonic grave from the New Kingdom with its treasures.

Visitors experience the discovery of the tomb by
The treasure of Tutankhamun is still one of the most significant discoveries in the history of archeology. Since Howard Carter found the grave of Pharaoh in the Valley of the Kings, is the fascination of the thousands of offerings, the golden coffins and shrines, the famous gold mask, the jewelry and the still unresolved fate of the deceased young king, unbroken.

Authentic overall picture with elaborate reconstructions
The famous death mask of Tutankhamen is the centerpiece of the exhibition. The exhibition Tutankhamun - his tomb and his treasures stands out from other archaeological presentations by setting a special accent: Visitors should be able to relive the archaeological story full of excitement and adventure. Limiting this however, affects the inability to present sensitive and worthy of protection originals. In the Munich exhibition therefore elaborately crafted replicas can be seen. The exhibition offers the opportunity to visit the grave in three-dimensional reconstruction in its original finding situation. The treasure at the moment of its discovery is a sight to see, Lord Carnarvon and their staff got him except Carter vanishingly granted few, privileged guests excavation. Three grave chambers open one after the views of the exhibition visitor, exactly as she saw her discovery: The black guardian figures are as once before the burial chamber; in the treasury guarded the jackal on the chest the canopic shrine just like 3,300 years ago.

Information on the exhibition
Exhibition period: 03 April - 13 September 2015

Venue: Small Olympic Hall, Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 München

Opening times: 10.00 - 18.00 clock (last admission: 17.00 clock), Thursday: to 21.00 clock (last admission: 20.00 clock) Tickets

Tickets: Tickets are available at all usual outlets, by phone at 089/54 81 81 81, online at and and from the beginning of the exhibition at the box office.

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