Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Watchout! The dangerous things for babies

Dangerous for the babies
Again and again toxins are found in baby and children's articles. A new study has now demonstrated in two out of ten teethers for babies parabens. This can disrupt the hormonal system. Teething rings can ease the pain during waxing the teeth, but some products bring this mess your hormones. The first teeth are a painful thing, teethers can provide relief. But has demonstrated since a German research team from Frankfurt parabens in some teething rings, it is difficult to let the little ones chew a clear conscience on the plastic rings. In one study, ten products were analyzed, two of them were charged.

Hormonally active substances
A loaded Teether test typically contained as a preservative used in cosmetics parabens, the second teether six previously unidentified EDs. The reported by a research group at the Goethe University in "Journal of Applied Toxicology". These parabens are considered "endocrine disrupters" that can bring the hormonal balance, especially in young children and babies at once. A dose that may be dangerous in adults, in babies due to their low body weight have a greater impact. Since hormones control many functions of our body, an imbalance can influence the development, reproduction, physiological processes and our metabolism.

Hormonally active substances are associated with diseases such as breast cancer in combination, testicular cancer, infertility, neurological disorders and diabetes - proved beyond doubt that's terrible. Nevertheless, the European Commission has, for example, propyl paraben prohibited as a preservative in skin creams for babies' bottoms sore because they could enter the body through the cracked skin. That such hormonally active substances have now been found partly in teething rings, is very questionable. And other products are still burdened with ingredients for which it is unclear what kind of impact they have on hormonal activity. This applies not only to children's products: The hormonal stress can be problematic for adults through diverse products like cosmetics, cleaning products, clothing or furnishings.

The fight against parabens and Co.
"We are very concerned that research teams regularly endocrine disrupting chemicals, so-called EDCs, discover in children's products, albeit in a limited percentage. How can we hope for a healthier future, if is not even guaranteed that products that are made specifically for babies and children, are free of unwanted harmful substances? "Argues Alexandra Caterbow, coordinator chemicals and health at WECF (Women in Europe for a Common Future). WECF advocates that hormonally active substances, EDCs, no longer be used in consumer products such as cosmetics, textiles, baby and children's articles. The political regulation is located in Germany, however, on ice, until now, consumers have to even worry about, pollution-free shopping, and hope for the sense of responsibility of the manufacturer.

Who wants to be sure, will among other things on the side Nestbau.info help. In addition, the app is worth "poison free shopping", there are tips for a pollution-free shopping. If you want to have more information on hormonally active ingredients in cosmetics, can also use the app "ToxFox" from the Society for Nature Conservation BUND, this can be determined via a simple scan the barcode, if the product is contaminated with pollutants.

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