Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More Crazy People Killing Animal

More Crazy People Killing Animal

After Cecil's death outraged new case - Huntress: "Giraffes are very dangerous animals" Less than a week after the brutal killing of the Star Lion Cecil made by a US dentist for outrage, shaken another case the Media: An accountant from Idaho posing proud of a hunted giraffe, a lifeless Gnu ... solve your published on Facebook Photos a veritable Shitstorm from. An attempt to justify their dubious hobby, only makes matters worse.

Sabrina is an accountant Corgatelli at Idaho State University. My hobby: hunting big game. It also makes no secret, publish it but on its Facebook page a number of photos in which you perched on the hunted during their current Africa-Trips animals. Including about an antelope, wildebeest and giraffe. The Shitstorm on Facebook will follow automatically. Indignant users abusing the big game hunter desolate. "You really are a disgusting person, Sabrina" is still one of the more harmless reactions.

"Giraffes are very dangerous animals." <-- see this stupid text (Human are more dangerous than animal). This will not leave this lying down Corgatelli. In the US TV show "Today" on Monday broadcast interview she tries to justify their dubious hobby. "There is a link to the animal and just because we hunt them, that does not mean we do not respect them," explains Corgatelli loud on spiegel.de. He continued: "Giraffes are very dangerous animals you can hurt you very quickly difficult.."

After all, the killing of the lion Cecil in Zimbabwe, even if initially only small: The country's authorities have restricted the big-game hunting in the region. The hunting of lions, leopards and elephants in areas bordering the Hwange National Park will, exposed immediately, Zimbabwean National Park Authority on Saturday.

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