Sunday, March 29, 2015

Biker Rescue Dog From Highway

With a risky maneuver a group of Brazilian biker has apparently saved a runaway dog ​​on the highway. The bikers were on the highway BR-050 near São Paolo on the road when they saw a dog jumped out of a car. Terrified, the animal ran around on the fünfspurigen, busy street! The bikers did not hesitate: They choked together the pace until the motorcycles came to a halt. Then the men stood boldly across the highway and formed their bikes with a number.

Biker Rescue Dog From Highway

So they locked down the street for the frightened dog. When the bikers saw the dog on the multi-lane highway, they did not hesitate and stopped. While one of the men directing traffic, others tried to capture the dog to get him out of danger. The animal was finally captured and saved. Was injured in the risky action no. A video of the action, which was filming one of his biker with helmet camera now moves through the network.

While most users celebrate the bikers as heroes, some criticize that they were in danger with the action and other drivers. In Germany, the protection of an animal on the road must withdraw before the descendant party in accordance with § 4 of the Road Traffic Regulations (Highway Code), if the safety distance between the cars is not big enough. In a similar case in 2007 saw the Dusseldorf District Court, however, a screeching halt for a runaway dog ​​as mandatory and gave the brake ends not at fault for a collision produced thereby.

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