Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple Reported On Its Environmental Impact

Apple Reported On Its Environmental Impact
Very often, Apple brand's commitment to preserving the environment. We recently learned of the existence of a solar farm project in China and Europe. Today, the company publishes its annual report environmental responsibility along with a nice video that renews Apple's willingness to use renewable energy, to ensure save resources for leave to our descendants a planet least as well as when we lived there:

In the video, Apple recalls how the company makes progress in the service of the environment, how it plans to create new products limiting their impact on the environment. This results in huge solar farms built worldwide by selected and recycled materials but also by optimizing packaging and transportation:

In the document published today, we learn that Apple has set three priorities:
reducing the environmental impact by using renewable energy and energy efficient products imagining

conserve resources
use environmentally friendly materials in the design of products and processes. This is reflected in several different ways. Today, all the 'data center' Apple are powered by clean energy. Also working on the consumption of its products in use, Apple claims that the emission of greenhouse gases due to the use of the brand's products has been reduced by 61% since 2008. By working every day to make its products more efficient, imagining new ways to design, Apple also aims, in its way, to preserve the environment and it is always better than nothing. Let's just hope it continues.

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