Monday, April 6, 2015

Gentle Sounds? Are You Kidding me?

German. Gentle sounds? are you yidding me? Are you serious when you say that! With red megaphones and yellow balloons, the rural women want their voices heard this year. The megaphone at the ready before they have no means to strike soft sounds. The Westphalia-Lippe rural women want to get involved. This was also evident on 17 and 18 March at the National Representative Meeting. Due to the event in the Landvolkshochschule Hardehausen led WLLV President Regina Selhorst. The 70 women, including the Bureau and the delegates from the 20 district associations, on the past year, current issues clarified the association's work and used the opportunity to strengthen their network.

Gentle Sounds? Are You Kidding me?

Appeal to the local associations
The red megaphones and yellow balloons this year are symbols for the nationwide days of action of rural women under the motto "We are a mix!". Local organizations can register their actions online at the German Country Women's Association ( and obtain a corresponding packet from Berlin. Regina Selhorst called on to use this intensively in order to strengthen the sense of community: "What do you always plans her, she logs in Berlin, give her a slogan and turn yourselves with a corresponding photo to the press!"

Make noise: How to
Heidrun Diekmann and Annegret Langehaneberg presented the results of the working group "public relations" before. "Public relations is effective when it reaches a wide audience with few resources," said the women. As one could abschauen of the organization "Food Watch" still a lot, for example. "They have just 80 members. But who know how to make noise. Then we should with our members but only 500 000. righteous! "

Rural women are likely to occur quiet little less good. To stimulate ideas, presented the working group before some planned actions. These ranged thematic integration work with refugees through food and waste of resources to consumer education. The detailed article with information about the opening ceremony of the Days of Action on the Soester Plain days and for Women's Political Frühshoppen check out the weekly episode 13th.
By Elisabeth Budde

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