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Review Pokemon Shuffle

The increasing age of our busy also increases.
As a result, more and more time playing games so little. This is the thing that will definitely dialamin each gamer. With the ever narrowing of the time playing games, we will be more selective in choosing video games. Usually the ga complicated gameplay, and tend to be played in a short time period. This game type options are many scattered in the mobile realm. No wonder more and more people are choosing to play the game with a smartphone or mobile gadgets to fill their spare time playing games narrow.

Nintendo cooperation with DeNA is not without reason. Meruginya Nintendo Wii U with the sale of a few years ago, so the reason Nintendo began to try to switch to the mobile gaming market. Although it is still unclear how the mobile gaming business systems between Nintendo with DeNA, approximately ga will be much different with DeNA-owned mobile games on the market.

Pokemon Shuffle

One example like Pokemon Shuffle. Eits, do not be skeptical first with the Shuffle Pokemon berembel appendage freemium games. Pokemon Shuffle got quite exciting gameplay loh! Curious how asiknya Pokemon Shuffle for your spare time? wrote the following review.

Pokemon Shuffle ga got so deep storyline. The point is still the same as the other Pokemon game series. You act as a Pokemon Trainer who adventuring. Along the way, you'll meet various kinds of wild Pokemon to be invited to compete. They also could be arrested for sure. At a certain moment, you can meet other Pokemon trainers anonymity. How ga secret? His face silhouette cuman so. But ga rarely also the level where you see Pokemon Trainer will be replaced with wild Pokemon that already reached a high level of evolution.

Universe Pokemon game Shuffle extending from the first series to the latest series of Pokemon games (and will continue to be updated). So do not be surprised, many types of Pokemon until modern vintage scattered throughout the adventure in Pokémon Shuffle.


Never played Pokemon Battle Trozei or Candy Crush? Yup, Pokemon gameplay Shuffle not much different from the second game. Opportunity to play limited by the number of heart and will be reduced one for each time the game. Every Heart is given free of charge to players every 30 minutes. Total free heart that can be collected a number of 5 pieces. The number of heart may be added to the shopping via the Nintendo eShop, or exchanged with jewel.

Each level contains one type of Pokemon that can be resisted. Great damage resulting Pokemon attack us depending on the type of element, Pokemon innate skill, and the number of runs a combo that can form when playing. Confused when choosing the type of element that is fit for Pokemon Pokemon against an opponent? Ga worry. There is a feature that automatically optimize optimize the selection of Pokemon with an effective element to fight the enemy.

Each level Pokemon has a different limit points move. Move points is what limits the number of opportunities we are to launch an attack. When HP Pokemon opponent reaches zero before the Move points we run out, then certainly we would've won and had the opportunity to catch the Pokemon. But if the opponent Pokemon still firmly hold on when the Move points we run out, then the game will end. Want not want we must prepare a strategy that is more apt to pass the level. If ga, yes forever will be stuck at that level and can not go to the next level.

Pokemon opponent had disruption skills that will interfere with the players during the fight. They have the ability to change the sequence block us with their type Pokemon, Pokemon block freeze us, even replacing the wooden or metal beams. The more we are distracted Pokemon series, the more difficult also created a combo player.
But do not worry. Disorders opponent's Pokemon can be easily overcome so we got a Pokemon with Mega Evolve, and rock elements that strengthen the Mega type Pokemon. Mega Pokemon Evolve will launch an attack so the meter maximum combo of type Pokemon Evolve Mega fully charged. Once the meter is maximal, then the player will enter the trance mode where players are free launch an attack combo of these Evolve Pokemon Mega. Surely the record for the series can still be shaped Pokemon Mega yes.

Each won the battle, players will be rewarded with coins that can use to buy various kinds of perk. Perk serves to assist the player in managing strategy. Some perk that can be purchased such as, Move extra points, Enemy's Disruption delay, Mega Evolution at the beginning of the game, and many more types of perk that can be purchased to set the strategy game.
In addition to the offline game modes, pretty much a weekly event that can be played. At this special event, players can see the type of rare pokemon fought for and captured. Their opponent's really hard loh! Need repeatedly leveling and collect powerful pokemon before could ngalahin Pokemon at a special event.

Those who would like to charge the short free time for playing games, Pokemon Shuffle would fit really tuh. Certainly must have the 3DS also can flickey Pokemon dong Shuffle, hehe.


Problem Pokemon game graphics do not need to be asked. Style illustration Pokemon Unyu still dominate anyway. Each illustration Pokemon neatly contrived. Just for some people that does bear watching the effects of excess during the fight, it is advisable to rest my eyes when I've felt tired. The rest, visual display Pokemon Shuffle quite comfortably in the eye anyway.


Not only visual illustration funny. Arrangement of music and sound effects are also less gemesin ga. Although Pokemon Shuffle is a freemium game, the quality of the content is maintained. This proves that despite Nintendo began reaching the mobile gaming market dominated freemium games, does not mean the quality of the game they are in declining IP. Guaranteed to stand for long deh Shuffle play Pokemon with the volume of pol.


Many levels are waiting for the conquered, either regular or special event level. All Pokemon as if waiting to be arrested. Even if the intention is only to play Pokemon Shuffle in his spare time, but in reality it would be constrained us hooked for playing repeatedly. Imagine the thrill of how, when we want to open 3DS contrived for playing Pokemon Shuffle once every 150 minutes?


Content Pokemon Shuffle as a freemium game will continue to grow. There are many other types of Pokemon with evolutionary variation that can still be combated. If nominated series beginning up to the latest Pokemon, ga imagine already thousands more types of Pokemon created. Even not include the type of evolution. Multiplied stay deh thousands of species of Pokemon with heart spawn time for 30 minutes. You will need more than 30,000 minutes if want to play with the method wait-to-play, or could be shorter if want to pay-to-play.


Pokemon Shuffle brings a kind of puzzle game to a higher level. By carrying out the famous IP belongs to Nintendo, this game to be the best in its class. Although its gameplay original ga, when combined with a way to fight a la Pokemon games, Pokemon genre Shuffle it is so much fun. The only drawback Pokemon Shuffle, located in the limitation amount of free play opportunities in the form of heart are limited to 5 pieces wrote, and re-spawn time heart which tends to long (30 minutes). However, if the recall Pokemon Shuffle as a freemium game, the quality of this game is already more than enough as entertainment gaming pastime.

Shuffle your Pokemon can be downloaded for free via the Nintendo eShop. Intrigued with the latest info related content Pokemon Shuffle? You can monitor the official website at: Pokemon Shuffle (Poketoru).

STORY: 6.0
SOUND: 7.0


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