Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Path to Your New Garden

The path to the new garden. Newly designed gardens need time before they "finished". Our picture shows how the garden looked like three years ago. If you want to create new or modify the greenbelt around the house, can even take the first steps before a professional is sought. This saves time and money. Rule number one in front of the garden Tag: Look around you! Just look at gardens. This can be the investments of neighbors, friends and acquaintances, but also gardens, open the part of "garden days" their doors to visitors. Study magazines and garden books or browse the Internet. Anything you like for your garden or what you find interesting, is being held without vote in lists, pictures and folders.

What is the garden?
After the collection phase, the listing is: Think carefully about what is to take place in your garden and what you need is: terrace, seating area, BBQ, compost heap or play area are just a few examples. Consider also where the bins are and where the rain barrel and the rotary clothes dryer? Would you like to have herbal and vegetable gardens? Do you want a house tree? What type of irrigation you want to install and which areas of the garden need a light?

The Path to Your New Garden

Thoughts on the costs
Consider the family, giving you your new garden is worth: money, labor and private effort. In a tight financial budget garden planner can provide customers often suggest or consider how the garden can be transformed into several stages inexpensive variants of the desired.

Maintain existing
There are often worth preserving or shrubs, whose whereabouts are recommended or fine details that can be included in existing gardens. Thus, the desired, mature garden created much faster than after a complete new installation. By Bärbel Stender, Photo: B. Hock Beck

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