Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weird Strips of Apple and Pear

Strange strips of apple and pear. A new apple variety" No, cause of the strip is a mutation. Now at harvest time are also reflected in fruits always chimeras: a red-skinned pear has a segment yellow skin, on a white skin apple fruit is a sharply defined red stripe or red flesh pulls is an area brightly colored.

Cause of such miraculous transformations are triggered by naturally occurring mutations changes in the genome of the plant. As a result, growth in the affected section of genetically distinct cells next to each other, which are visible as streaks. Although the genetic material is involved, this natural chimera formation has nothing to do with genetic engineering. The term chimera (Greek: goat) originally referred to a creature from Greek mythology. Later they called all hybrids so - are known Basilisk, Griffin, harpy, Mermaid, Minotaur, Sphinx and Centaur.

Weird Strips of Apple and Pear

Today chimera means an organism consisting of genetically different cells (at least two types). Normal each plant cell contains the same genetic heritage information in DNA, whether in Petal or in the root. Deviations caused by mutations. They occur spontaneously, but can also be caused artificially. Since, by definition, chimeras are organisms with different tissue proportions, the grafting is actually a herbal form of chimera formation. Dr. Helga Buchter-Weisbrodt. Photo by; Buchter Weisbrodt.

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