Saturday, May 9, 2015

The X-Pointer, Multipointer

X-Pointer multipointer
X-Pointer multipointer. Our X-Pointer is smaller than your thumb while you can use it as a remote control for your presentation, as a laser pointer or a stylus. Facts: The man is afraid more about to talk in front of others, as before death. That is - as it was in the past. Because the X-Pointer in hand need of nothing more to fear.

You put the transmitter into the headphone jack of your mobile and already you can control in the room from your Power Point presentation from any location. And the other part? This is an input pin - on New Germany: stylus - and sweaty fingers are no longer a problem for touch screens. So, up to you on the podium or rostrum, points with the built-in laser pointer - and the audience you eating out of his hand.

X-Pointer Multi Pointer:
Multipointer for Power Point presentations
Control your slide show with the phone
Take off the transmitter and put it into the headphone jack on your mobile
Then you can control the app X-Presenter Smart your slide show
Connection to the computer via Bluetooth and the USB dongle in the computer
Range: approximately 15 meters (according to our tests)
The transmitter also functions as a laser pointer
The other part is used as a stylus
No batteries required
4 x 0.7 centimeters
Supports PowerPoint (PC) and Keynote (Mac)
Compatible with iPhone 4S / iPad Mini or higher and Galaxy S3 / Note II or higher
The package contains: multipointer and USB dongle

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