Friday, June 19, 2015

Calls for the dog walk

Calls for the dog walk
Is there anything more beautiful than the daily small escapes to take us where our four-legged friends outside? Whoever is lucky enough not to complete his dog walks as gauntlet, but rejoice in the great outdoors, in the forest or on meadows and fields, which would have but for joy, right? But some, however, call the dog walk.

Call the dog walk: Must it be? Read here why you should make the call in the dog walk prefer. More and more often we see people walk the dog, who run their four-legged friends and calling it. Completely absorbed in the conversation, they get not with, if your dog is circulated in the feces of other animals, carcasses found and consumed, or has put plastic bags up to half already in the throat, because the content smells so seductive.

Drawn attention to such minor and major disasters, then always the same thing happens: The dog is punished for his human was inattentive and did more interested in his phone as partners for the four-legged companion.

While it is rare that our dogs get into really dangerous situations while they walk with us, but thoughtfully makes this development yet. The question is: Does it matter if we call for our dogs in the dog walk all the time?

Calls for the dog walk
It even makes a big difference: namely for our dog as for ourselves, it may well be that we do with the walk to the part that covers the fitness and mental lighting for our dog.. The stimulants on markings, odors, pheromones and other important information is also available when your people call. But what they do not have is the feeling of togetherness. As herd roam outdoors, together to make experiences and spontaneous times to play, to have fun or to keep quiet and listen when the dives a partner in the mobile universe.

Do not get it wrong: for emergencies and for orientation you should still have a mobile device here. And if the alternative to walking with cell phone is not a walk, it is clear: as rather not run with a phone call. Especially in the dark winter months the management of a comprehensive dog walk outside normal core working hours is not easy. But if at all possible, the time should you and your dog are. And what you see out there together.

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