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Children whining in the supermarket?

Children whining in the supermarket?
Whining in the supermarket - To remain calm. The supermarket shopping is often designed into a gauntlet for parents of toddlers. The seductive expenses on the shelves arouse the little desires. On a "no" they respond with a penetrating whining at the grocery store, which can be increased up to a tantrum. Read, to circumvent the strategies to embarrassing situations.

Whining in the supermarket. If you choose with your child goods, avoid whining in the supermarket.
Shopping with children. As a rule, many parents have no other choice than to go shopping with her child. Not always able to take care of the child grandparents or relatives. It's also fun to shop together. If it were not for this zone with the delicious sweets. Although the sweets are now in many supermarkets no longer clenched in front of the box office, but the children know of course the location of the goodies. But not just chocolate and sweets tempt children who are seduced by the colorful labels on children's yogurt or ice cream. Just pull magazines or comics kids and grownups alike.

Self-service market for children
Given the overflowing shelves with colorful offerings it makes sense for children to use in the shop windows. If the parents are distracted with their own shopping list, landing unnoticed the desired properties of the children in the shopping cart. The whining in the supermarket begins when parents carry the goods back from the basket. Especially when children are in a terrible twos, the trouble can quickly increase to a loud tantrum. Although most customers show understanding of the situation, but it's embarrassing when the own offspring at its worst showing.

 Do not take personally
From the age of two, children discover their own will. However, they still lack the vocabulary to be communicated to the adults. The whining and crying in the supermarket is their ability to defend their own point of view. Toddlers can not understand why some goods and other land in the basket do not. Try to put yourself in the situation of the child and do not take the discussion personally. Then it drops you right much easier to remain calm.

Avoid quarrels
Try to prepare your child on the situation in the supermarket before the purchase. It is best to agree that you only buy the goods from the shopping list. For your child receives their own shopping lists, to which it records the desired and authorized by you food. So your child can, for example, pick fruit, yogurt and a candy. In the meantime you are writing your grocery list and read them to your child before. Buying in this case only the products of your list. Your child can help you to pack the products of their own and your list to your basket.

With these tips you respond to whining in the supermarket
Make sure that you and your child do not go shopping hungry. Then the appetite is not so big.
Respond to your child if it wants more than the agreed goods at the supermarket. There is little to respond irritable or aggressive. Talk to. In a calm tone with your child, so it feels understood. Take a toy or stuffed animal with the supermarket to deal with your child. Perhaps it distracts your child when it can eat a sandwich or a piece of sausage.

Stay calm and do not be ashamed of yourself for your child's behavior. These phases through all children and those around you have a lot more understanding than you think. Most people find the situation not so problematic, if the parents themselves remain serenely.

Stand firm
Whining is a powerful argument by the children, in order to enforce one's own will. Give your child in a supermarket after, it will use this promising method repeatedly. Therefore, it is advisable to remain consistent. Bribing children is the way also not an elegant solution but just shows how much the whining parents under pressure. If the situation you too heavily loaded, you do without for a time on taking your child to go shopping. Make only once or twice a week a bulk purchase, while the partner or the grandparents take care of your child.

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