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Critical energy refurbishment

Critical energy refurbishment

Considered critical energy refurbishment. Saving energy is necessary in this day and age. However, many measures of environmental and economic point of view, to question. Is everything really useful and how can I find out this yourself?

Energetic restructuring
Energy renovation viewed critically! The issue of energy saving has become noticeable since the first oil crisis in 1973. The price of energy has increased significantly and this especially in recent years. Most of the energy consumed is in heating our homes and houses.
On the subject of the Experto editorial recommends:

Modernize and refurbish
At each corner of measures to save heating energy are touted. If this makes sense, I save a money? We examine here once a few measures.

Sensible measures in the energy-efficient renovation
In a residential building, the ceiling is not insulated to the basement. An insulation can easily be hung from the ceiling. The insulation is on the advantageous side, the attached "cold" side and can be installed without hesitation. With little effort, this insulation can be mounted. Without looking at the individual prices and the exact savings, says here already common sense - sense.

So it looks to the insulation of heating pipes in the basement. Easy and quick to make, warm pipes stay warm and the required heat is brought to the required space - useful.

The collar beam position, which is the ceiling for the loft can be checked easily. Is the roof area, the underside of the roof covering, the tiles, visible, is outside. The insulation should then be present in the ceiling between apartment and loft. Here otherwise the loft are simply designed with insulation. Buy insulation, lay on the floor area and finished. Simple operation with a big impact - sense.
Special cases when renovating

Now we come to the more difficult cases. The insulation system is an insulation which is glued to the external facade. Here, the following measures are necessary:
A framework for the house.
The facade has flaking plaster are exempt from flaws.
In brick facade of clinker should be removed.
The rain water drainage must be disassembled and later reassembled.
The basic lines in the ground may be somewhat misplaced.
In many cases, the insulation must also slightly pulled into the ground and the base needs to be exposed.
There is not enough roof overhang, the roof is to extend.
In pane soffits are auszustemmen.
The insulation should come to the window frame.
Then there is also the new windowsill.
The lighting is reconnect and finally a new plaster required.
Remove scaffolding, insulation base and backfilling again. Add gravel strips and paving.

And then the house blessing is wrong. Following common sense a greater measure with many edge work. These measures pay off economically only when works are "anyway" necessary, for example, the facade has to be scaffolded and deleted.
Then, these costs can be deducted from its cost-effectiveness. Economically, otherwise do not expect this. - Limited use.

Keep backgrounds in view
Considering the environmental benefits of a thermal insulation composite system, this makes sense. However, one should the energy to create the insulation, the transportation of the production to point of use involve. A Transit from China to Germany is burdened very Co2. Even the recycling can also create problems. How do we use in 20 or 40 years, the insulation and energy that falls on it. However, a cheaper plastic compared will fail and alternative products pay off economically either.
The situation is similar with an insulation on the roof. Here the old bricks are reused at best. But roof cover, store side and later ceiling is labor intensive.

Catch all the operations described in detail. Questioning the profitability calculation accurate and all of its numbers, for example, in the photovoltaic power generation. We do not all live in sunny Würzburg or Rügen. Location Near numbers are imperative. All costs must be considered and many more.

Another big factor is the heating. You save me a new heating 30%, as promised - a new heating system so it saves me € 300 a year in heating costs of 1,000 € - a lot of money. But the heating costs € 9,000. Profitability is therefore only achieved in 30 years. Question: How long does the heating? Just 15 years old - does not make sense. Even with 6,000 € and 20 years is not enough. - Does not make sense. Replacement of the heating pays off only if the old heating system has abandoned your service.
Calculate exactly the savings and the related purpose! By support measures, the economy can be improved and get sense. Indulge yourself never headlong into an action, but let independent advice.

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