Sunday, June 21, 2015

Deadly sins in the direct mail?

 Deadly sins in the direct mail
Deadly sins in the direct mail. Is it worth it at all, a customer to send advertising by mail? Or is it better to completely focus on the Internet? A letter is definitely not as fast as with an e-mail - can therefore direct marketing campaigns well be successful if they are well made. Avoid definitely this error:

Inferior addresses
In a post-mailing a lot depends on the quality of addresses. When you buy or rent addresses: Pay attention to a reliable selection by Industry, decision-makers and company size. It is usually better if you generate even addresses, for example from interested parties, newsletter subscribers or business cards. Create your own address database and supplement necessarily information that allow the high-quality experience. In addition, the addresses must be always well maintained: duplicates, outdated addresses or false contacts are real success brakes.

Incorrect Products
Provide the recipients only on products that might be interesting indeed. The target group 60+ You need to offer for example, no products that are associated with parenting. In addition, limit yourself to a product that you think your readers. Direct mail is often referred to as a sales pitch letter, it is not about to present a showcase.

No pressure to act
Why should the reader react now and not next week? Avoid that the decision can be pushed on the back burner. Usually happens after a few days that is nothing. A limited supply or a temporal limitation increases the pressure to respond immediately.

No call to action
The letter sounds interesting, but what do the reader, if he has read to the end? Should he buy directly? Should he take an advisory service? Should he contact you? Tell your potential customers what exactly to do and formulate an unequivocal call to action: "Please order product xy now with the prepared fax reply." Make the hurdle to login as low as possible. Clear response elements with few options for action to increase the response rate.

Link to the homepage
Do not link to your home page, but on a specially created for direct marketing country side. To reduce the risk that the potential customer loses in the information of the website. The country side is designed slim and leads the reader to order completion.

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