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How do you treat Lyme disease in dogs with nosodes

How do you treat Lyme disease in dogs with nosodes
Not only humans but also dogs can suffer from disease after a tick bite. The often necessary antibiotic treatment often does not show the desired effect. A treatment with nosodes can often make the breakthrough to healing. An attempt is worth his dog to help in this way.

Dog disease nosodes
Nosodes of Lyme disease for dogs. Lyme disease occurs following a tick bite. In dogs, the symptoms are often similar to humans. In addition to muscle pain and chronic fatigue migratory joint inflammation and later even paralysis and heart disease may occur. If antibiotic treatment does not hit nosodes can often bring about healing. Are nosodes from disease secretions, viruses, bacteria etc. produced.

Many dog ​​owners are uncertain such homeopathic remedies to use because they do not want to enter something like her dog. These are precisely the means that could bring her dog healing. Even specially produced Eigennosoden could be applied. For this purpose, secretions of the animal (blood, saliva) can be processed to a homeopathic remedy. More, you can consult your veterinary homeopath.

The selected Nosoden applied for Lyme disease:
Borrelia burgdorferi C6 - low in potency after a while - until the C200 is not as tiring for the dog. If one were to use the C200, the dog's body can be overwhelmed. However, high potencies often acting faster and thoroughgoing than the low potencies. As long as the dog is in good constitution can equally be used a C200. Discuss the choice of potency better with your pet homeopath if you are unsure in the choice.

TBE Nosode C6 - C200, as in the Borrelia burgdorferi Nosode
Syphilinum C6 - C200, as TBE nosode.
The central command has to be aligned with the Konstituion the dog. It is not unusual that you have to apply nosodes for months until the body is able to respond. The agent should be administered directly into the mouth or dissolved in 1 ml of water at the low potencies daily 6 x 1 globules in the mouth. High potencies from the C30 it is only 1 time daily. As a rule of thumb, the higher the potency the rarer the agent is administered.

After about 1 - 2 weeks should be able to realize an improvement in the health of the dog. Shall not enter into this time, you have to think about the benefit for the animal. Homeopathic remedies can be administered a proving cause for a long time.

The treatment of the dog should be approximately 14 - be carried out 30 days after the symptoms have disappeared.

The symptoms decreased or disappeared can occur after a longer period again. One must then immediately re-treatment, may be carried out with non-reaction with another power of the medium.

An aggravation of the existing symptoms is usually a good sign and can occur at any homeopathic remedy. This aggravation is mostly suppressed states back on track and it may even lead to new symptoms. This aggravation should but turning after a few days in improvement of symptoms. If this is not the case, please speak to your animal Homeopaths further treatment. Not all contingencies can be seen in advance and can not be named in detail here.

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