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How positive thinking influence your health

How positive thinking influence your health
How can you influence with positive thoughts your health. Already Friedrich Schiller, poet and examinierter doctor wrote, once in "Wallenstein": It is the spirit that build up the body. Gradually confirm the research findings in the neurosciences. Slowly you realize that mind and body are mutually dependent and the soul can change the body. Read more about the effect of positive thoughts.

A positive thoughts
Create positive thoughts and do with it something for your health.
Thoughts generate electricity and chemical reactions that z. B. be routed through the nerves in the body in the brain. It arise feelings and moods, then also affect our behavior.

Just vice versa, guided nerve pathways experienced stimuli to the brain, where they are evaluated and processed and trigger thoughts and behavior. Recurrent thoughts, whether consciously or unconsciously, leave the body clear traces. So the medicine has long been known that z. B. can create stress among other tensions, stomach and digestive problems or high blood pressure.

Our bodies are so mirror of our soul (psyche) and we can affect his wellbeing on our minds with positive thoughts and vice versa. Try again, pull for 30 seconds of her mouth upward and easy smile with your lips. - How do you feel afterwards? - The smile lifts the mood. It is as if infects the whole body and rising joy.

Our body - mirror of the soul
Like many therapists also I did in my years of practice, the massage experience that our psyche in the body emerges that body and mind are one unit and are mutually dependent. Therefore, I join today with manual therapy tools from psychological counseling to a holistic coaching concept to help people to be more well-being and quality of life.

In many areas of science research is done, as our positive and negative thoughts affect our bodies and our health. There was thus obtained as the research of psychologist, Bethany Kok that you can increase the tone of the vagus nerve, which is regarded as an important link between mind and body, through positive emotions such as love, gratitude, kindness, and compassion.

The vagus nerve runs from the brain stem through the neck along the chest to the stomach to the intestines. It supplies the external auditory canals, the pharynx, the larynx, the lungs, the stomach, the intestines and the heart. A high tone ensures proper digestion, as well as support during orgasm social contacts.

So run empathy, such as eye contact, a smile and a friendly nod on the vagus nerve. Thus increase good feelings with positive thoughts the tone of the vagus nerve and ensure better health.

Positive thoughts for positive emotions
Since we generate through our thoughts feelings, we can also deliberately cause positive emotional states in us and thus promote our well-being and our health.

Remember, for example, a situation in which you have felt a lot of love. Take to at least 20 to 30 minutes, where you can relax undisturbed in a comfortable place (sitting or lying) with closed eyes. Call now this love situation back into the memory and go through it with all your senses. Feel the love again in and reinforce the feeling as best you can. Stay in this feeling of love.

But you can also simply superior in its relaxed state, for what you have in your life grateful (the roof over their heads, the friends, family, health, that you can see and go, that you live in a peaceful country, the food in refrigerator, etc.). And come up with more and more things and reasons for your gratitude to you the feeling of gratitude throughout the body feel.

The more they feel a sense of gratitude in your body, the more you are able to perceive the transition to the feeling of love. This exercise you can perform well with the feelings of benevolence and compassion. All these feelings end up in the exercise in a feeling of love.

Make this meditation with positive thoughts when possible daily over a period of approximately eight to nine weeks in order to improve not only your mood, but also the tone of your vagus nerve and your health.

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