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How to photograph objects in motion

How to photograph objects in motion
Surely you know that, you are at a party and want to take pictures of the people present. Once home to view your images and find that it can be seen by the people only blurred silhouettes.

How to photograph objects in motion
However, this "motion blur" can be avoided. Our photo tip is to show you how to do that. But of course we want to give you not only get clearer photos. We would also encourage skillfully integrate the motion blur in the picture composition.

Freeze movements
You want to photograph your dog or cat in an exciting moment? Or is it more like a car or a race horse, which has aroused your photographic interest? Whatever object you have in mind in order to optimally freeze motion, you should set the shortest possible shutter speed.

This depends on various factors, for example the speed of movement and direction of movement. Both affect the shutter speed. For example, for shots of people walking a shutter speed of about 1/250 sec. Does the person, then make a 1/500 sec. On the Internet you will also find tables that help you to match the speed of movement, set the correct shutter speed. To make razor-sharp pictures in every situation.

How to set shutter speeds?
Shutter speeds can be adjusted in many camera models on increasing the ISO number. Alternatively, this can be set via the opening of the diaphragm. About the Automatic Blend (TV, T) you have several stops to choose from. In aperture priority mode (AV, A) you can reach the correct shutter speed by setting of aperture and ISO. Note, however, the lighting conditions. For if the latter change, may cause blur in the aperture priority mode.

But the automatic glare is not without its problems. It can happen to you quite sure your images are underexposed or overexposed using the Blend automatic. On the safe side you are only if you test different settings and learn when your camera a passable result. To shoot then whatever class photos.
Use motion blur creative

Motion blur are not necessarily bad. After all, when you load them skillfully, you give your photos more dynamic. Do you want to express visually how fast can your children or your pets running, motion blur are ideal. To achieve this, do the exact opposite. Make therefore a slower shutter speed. So the movements are blurred.

Be careful, however, and buttons you ran to the optimal setting. Because if you have set a very slow shutter speed, your subject may act to significantly blurred. The effect would thus be there, but unfortunately too much. And when speaking of effects, then we would like to also not deny that there are several types of motion blur. True to his own style, these effects can be used to give your images that certain something.

Track the movement of the camera
Watch as the movement with your camera parallel with. Begin to use before triggering and stop only when the exposure is completed. So your subject remains sharp razor, while the background is much softer. In this way, your recording is the speed of your subject again almost realistic.

Practice this technique quiet a few times .. Also keep in mind that it can be difficult sometimes please, animals such as rabbits, take pictures in motion, since you do not always foresee the direction of travel and can go along the camera fast enough.

Create more depth.
But not only speed can be reflected with just beschriebenenen blur effects. Also fascinating depth effects are possible. What? Use the zoom while taking pictures with your camera and be sure that the object is in the center and is moving away from you. Ask a slower shutter speed and track the object then use the zoom. The lines are blurring as the center and create the impression of depth.

The Wipe
There is the wiping effect Finally. This is very easy to implement.
To fixing just your camera on a tripod and make also a still a long exposure time. Now you just have to wait for a suitable motif rushes past your camera and press the shutter button. This effect is to photograph a very popular way to busy streets at night. The motion blur is dependent on the speed of movement and the exposure time.

Not every shutter speed is at first for what you have in mind. Therefore Vary quiet with the shutter speeds. If you try several settings, you will not only know your camera better, but also make much better photos. Important: If you set a very slow shutter speed, then your pictures will be blurry. Ask however a fast shutter speed, then you get crisp images.

Tip: These pictures you can always develop interesting stories. The dynamics makes the recordings to life. A leaf that dances in the autumn wind, a busy street, dancers at a festival, all these recordings are connected with your experiences and tell a very personal story. Therefore, such images can also wonderful to use to create a photo book. Write to the images still an interesting text and thus evaluate your recordings again on. So you created quite personal history book.

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