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How to renovate your property

How to renovate your property
The home counts for most people one of the most desired goals in life. After securing the property's own future, the family has a solid home and can also provide the ages of significant relief. Not always, but the construction of a house is the right choice. As you can renovate your property correctly.

Home Redevelopment
Asbestos removal alone is a risk in the renovation. If you decide to buy a house, which some years has already been completed and already old, you have already taken an important step. The key now is also to make the new home for the future. The redevelopment of the property you should keep an eye on before they buy the house, because the loan amount can be adjusted depending on the complexity and cost factor.

It therefore makes sense, before signing the loan agreement to consider a house through its paces and take possible remediation tasks in the cost calculation.

Improve the living environment
In your house you want to not only live, but also spend a healthy and long life. It is all the more important for you to pay attention to possible pollutants and poisons living room, which can prove to be a danger to your health. Therefore, pay attention when buying a property on a possible mold exposure.

Basically, a house in which a mold is not "lost." With an extensive mold remediation by expert companies can eliminate and permanently keep the mold. Here, in particular, the moisture in the home to play a role. The renovation of the basement and the exterior walls plays an important role in mold. Old houses are down only slightly protected externally against moisture, which is why a subsequent remediation absolutely worthwhile. Is mold in your new property is no problem, so you may find other costs in the field of construction materials used.

Especially for prefabricated houses of the older generation, the Institute for Applied Environmental Research informed about possible exposure to harmful substances such as formaldehyde or wood preservatives that provide even after many years for a significant burden of indoor air. Also asbestos is at this point over and over again in the criticism, because we find in older homes these harmful building materials very often.

If the walls or the roof of asbestos-containing materials, you should renew it necessarily. Going it alone, this is not recommended, as very strict rules apply for the removal and disposal of asbestos. Great dangers threaten your health, because asbestos favors not only allergic and respiratory diseases, but can also trigger cancer.

The unnecessary release of asbestos fibers and potential health consequences you deal for example with a previous consultation for asbestos removal by Kati GmbH. Saving at this point is by no means desirable, because instead of money you pay in an emergency with your health.

Create energy efficiency
An older home may be inefficient for many reasons. This is due to mainly by the less progressive ways that a few years ago were available for the construction of houses. Particularly enlightening is an energy performance certificate. This is since May 2014 even mandatory, which is why you can insist on information regarding the energy state. Even in the real estate advertisers to disclose important details about this.

If the home you want to buy, in an energetically not in perfect condition, so the later living can become a quite expensive affair. The renovation in the field of heat is therefore particularly important. According to Focus, it is this even possible to save up to 76 percent of current energy costs. This can work in different ways.

Even the replacement of windows holds great potential for savings. Can be found in the property only once or twice glazed windows, so is the house a lot of heat to the outside. Radiators, which lie directly under the windows, thereby losing a large portion of their actual potential. Helpful is the complete renovation of windows by modern frame and at least triple-glazed windows are installed. By insulated shutters, the insulating effect can intensify.

The same applies to the front door. You are in the old house doors often notice a draft along the door edges. Not always this can be solved by the insertion of an insulating tape, which is why the complete replacement of the door is recommended.

A poorly insulated roof devours heating costs.
The house walls give yourself at old houses from much heating. Especially during the winter months when it is cold outside, the heating inside must do much more to keep the house warm. Through an extensive insulation of the outer walls grab this problem, however, with both hands. A little further you go with the additional insulation of the roof. For this purpose, it does not necessarily have the most modern technologies and materials, because even a solid insulation with simple insulation mats causes considerable savings.

Keep the heating in view
When renovating your property terms of energy consumption is also worth a look at the existing heating. Depending on the age and property facilities can be found here quite outdated models with high consumption and low performance. The problem here is that these heaters are not only much gas or oil consumption, but also left its mark on the electricity bill.

Often the replacement of heating is therefore an important step in the renovation. Through modern condensing boilers will save you not only fuels but also permanently reduce power consumption in your household. In particular, since the purchase and installation of heating requires a large amount of money, you should plan the costs for this project in the context of real estate financing.

But do not forget at this point that the energy efficiency of the heating system is also worthwhile for the environment. Not infrequently there is for this reason funding options for the purchase of new heating systems. So you can permanently benefit from the investment and reduce your financial burden.

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