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How to select the correct size of a suitcase

How to select the correct size of a suitcase
Thus you are optimally prepared for the next trip, you should already have some details to be prepared when it comes to luggage well considered in the planning. The focus of the considerations is choosing the right size of a suitcase. Read more here.

Case Size
Select the correct size of a suitcase
With the help of a few tricks and gimmicks, the eventual decision is not difficult and facilitate the smooth running of your holiday or business trip to a substantial part. In this way, each trip becomes an experience.

What size for how many days?
The longer the journey, the more baggage is carried. Even before it is to recommend some ideas for clothes selection, and on the other personal needs to worry. In addition, the weather plays an equally vital role. The cooler and longer the trip, the more luggage must be carried. Are all necessary components arranged and sized on a stack, so you win already an initial guide for the recommended size of a suitcase. Length x height x width (in cm) / 1000 = Content in liter: The following formula applies.

Short trip up to one week
For a short trip to get a good look at a case size of about 20 to 40 liters. Due to the short time case are recommended, which are allowed as hand luggage. In this way you save time and the baggage is always within reach. Depending on the airline apply to hand luggage following Modular dimensions: 50 x 35 x 20 cm. For a stay up to one week can be divided into suitcases with 50 to 70 liters needed luggage store quite well.

Longer trips from 10 days
A significant difference is for trips that are to be enjoyed with a length of 10 days. A suitcase model with a volume of 70 to 90 liters is recommended for this case. If you plan trips around two to three weeks, then offer up to 120 liters of luggage with the right companion. That's always the case especially when the washing machine is not in the immediate vicinity. Whether at home or abroad, with the right case as a travel wardrobe will save you washing clothes required. So the holiday is equal to a piece even more relaxing.

Practical Conclusion
Apart from the suitcase size should fall definitely take a look at color, material and quality. Finally, a high-quality luggage for long term use, and a practical application is characterized. Especially popular are variants with rollers. Finally, the transport of luggage designed in this way a little easier.

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