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How to use Uranium metallicum as homeopathic remedy

Uranium metallicum. How to use Uranium metallicum as homeopathic remedy. Uranium metallicum is an agent from the series of actinides. It is used in indecision and lack of courage in terms of shaping their own lives. Often sufferers also suffer from severe test anxiety. Read point here which characteristic symptoms on the homeopathic remedy Uranium metallicum and how it is used.

The mental image of Uranium metallicum
Uranian people have therefore to meet big problems decisions. They are afraid if they have made a decision not to return. This indecision is also found in relation to their personal relationships. They often prefer a solitary life in freedom a close bond. In the middle image of Uranium metallicum we find both the tendency to passivity and avoiding any commitment and sheer determination and the grab and pull through of projects.

The physical image of Uranium metallicum
On the physical level one finds dizziness, headache in the occipital area, photosensitivity with heaviness and swelling of the eyelids, and tinnitus, otitis media, tenderness of the thyroid gland, chronic gastritis with anfallweisem vomiting.

Total Uranian people have little appetite. If you eat something you have special demand for raw ham, according grapefruit, salad and yoghurt. They often suffer from bloating with a strong distension of the abdomen and fetid flatus.

Similarities with other homeopathic remedies
The homeopathic medicine Uranium metallicum has much resemblance to the homeopathic remedies Lycopodium clavatum and Tuberculinum. His inability to bind himself and his rather erratic lifestyle we find also in the central panel of Tuberculinum. The distension of the abdomen and bloating we see in Lycopodium.

Uranian people are like all actinides very reflected and regardless of their fear of commitment, a sense of responsibility. Often they are interested in spiritual issues and seek their happiness in a certain mindset to find.

The homeopathic medicine Uranium metallicum is characterized by a strong indecision and a great need for freedom. The search for the meaning of life often leads to spiritual healing methods. On a physical level, one finds strong bloating and dizziness. Important differential diagnoses are interesting means Lycopodium and Tuberculinum.

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