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Internet telephony: The 5 best Skype alternatives

Internet telephony: The 5 best Skype alternatives

Skype is probably the best known and most popular program, with which you can make free calls over the Internet. In this article you will learn what programs for Internet telephony. So you do not always directly skype when you make on the Internet. Meanwhile there are many alternatives that are also free and offer many features.

1. ooVoo
ooVoo is touted on its website as "a free 12-way video chat." And this program really keeps what it promises: with it you can perform VoIP calls, with up to 12 friends at the same time video chat, send video messages to multiple friends at the same time, share files, call to mobile and landline numbers, up to 12 friends simultaneously send text messages chats easily in blogs or websites incorporate.
ooVoo is very extensive and offers all the features that Skype has. A significant advantage of this program, however: It can also be used online via Facebook, to meet with his Facebook friends to video chat. In addition, ooVoo is available on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

2. Windows Live Messenger
In Windows Live Messenger you can also make free calls with your friends, chat and video calling. The Messenger is directly to your Windows Live account (or Hotmail) connected, so your contacts are transferred and you can even control the Messenger, if you are logged on msn.com or in your Hotmail account. In addition, it consumes fewer resources than Skype, which is an important factor especially for older computers.

3. Google Talk
Especially those who have an e-mail account at the search engine giant Google, will find pleasure in this program. Google Talk is directly connected to the e-mail account and can, similar to the Windows Live Messenger, are also managed by the e-mail account. The quick calls with Skype contacts on Google Talk is indeed not yet possible, but to communicate with contacts in ICQ and IM.

4. TeamSpeak
TeamSpeak is a free software for Internet telephony, which uses only a very small amount of data and thus interfere with the Internet connection in any way (and still a good voice quality). This makes the program interesting for gamers. The user can create an address book or even install your own server at TeamSpeak. In order to use the software correctly, headset / microphone and speakers are recommended.

5. Mumble
With Mumble you can also easily make calls over the Internet. As the program runs well when passing another software consumes a lot of resources, it is also well suited for gamers.
Especially well done are in this program, voice quality and security - because Mumble encrypts the call of the user, which makes it very difficult to listen in it. Mumble is available for PC, Linux and Mac OS X.

Especially the free software ooVoo is a true alternative to the giant Skype. Especially the direct integration with Facebook makes this software attractive. If you have a Google or Live (or Hotmail) email account, is to feel comfortable with each Messenger probably the best place. By combining email and Messenger to communicate with friends is easier, faster and more personal. TeamSpeak and Mumble are particularly suitable for gamers, as they consume few resources and also work even when passing another program is running.

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