Monday, June 8, 2015

Japan's football idol Honda goes into SV Horn

Keisuke Honda move to SV Horn

The Japanese rider will perform together with his two brothers to SV Horn up in the European Cup. Sounds like a bad April Fool's joke, but true. The Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda is increasing together with his two brothers and Hiroyuki Youji a while SV Horn. As the NÖN reported the professional operation is converted into a corporation to which the SV Horn 51 and the Hondas will keep 49 percent. At the General Assembly on Tuesday Youji Honda to take over the chairman post of Thomas Kronsteiner. Kronsteiner former deputy Rudolf Laudon is an equal partner, Kronsteiner himself chairman of the board.

"It is important to emphasize that we do not sell the club or extradite us anyone. We go into a partnership, "explains Rudolf Laudon of NÖN. The 48-year-old have therefore negotiated the contracts with the family Honda. The contact came through horn assistant coach Masaki Morass about.

The aim of the Lower Austrians who have recently relegated to the Regionalliga, the resurgence in the first division with subsequent walkover in the Bundesliga. Subsequently we want in the European Cup. Even in a stadium expansion is to be invested. The motives of the Japanese: "You have been watching the European market. In Austria they have the best cost / benefit statement received "so Kronsteiner opposite the NÖN. 

The aim of Honda, which operate in Japan more than 50 football schools and are involved in several Asian media and TV companies, to establish their company over Austria on the European market was. Horn had won through in negotiations towards Wiener Neustadt, Wiener Sportklub, Vienna or Wacker Innsbruck.

Therefore, Horn had prevailed in negotiations towards Wiener Neustadt, Wiener Sportklub, Vienna or Wacker Innsbruck.  The SV Horn confirmed the courier, the accuracy of the information, but will not make any further statements to the General Assembly on Tuesday. Keisuke Honda has been playing at AC Milan in 2014 and has scored 23 goals in 61 appearances for the Japanese National Team.

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