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Motivation: These three reasons for a marathon

Motivation: These three reasons for a marathon
For most people it is hard to imagine that someone torments seriously about 42.195 km long marathon course to say at the end of may - I was there. Here you will find three reasons for participating in this event.

Motivation for Marathon
Motivation: These three reasons for a marathon
It requires an enormous physical performance and especially a strong will to take on the challenge of a marathon. The necessary stamina can be trained for weeks or months. But the motivation for a marathon should be available in advance. But what are the reasons for a person to harm this enormous burden?

1. Basic: battle between body and mind
For someone who wants to really even see what your body and mind are able to run a marathon is advisable to run. In training preparation routes are planned up to 35 kilometers. The last decisive kilometers however, are not trained. This fight decides just in the last kilometers in the head. From the psychologically important mark of 32 kilometers, where commonly the "man with the hammer" comes, fighting to the brain against the will of the body.

This says: "Let's stop stop it I can not!" - But the brain gives the order - "We are continuing we will not give up!". This fight is decided at the latest four to five kilometers from the end. From here the mind has gained the upper hand. The pride of man playing anyway at this time a major role. After all, who wants to stop already so close to the finish? This fight is impressive and to see him is a great adventure.

2. Reason: The enthusiasm of the spectators
Whoever is devoted to an adventure which also needs recognition. This is ensured mostly by like-minded people in the club or in training groups in advance. But there are more and more over the spectators, who bring the athletes to the actual marathon. For large and well-known marathons like Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, hundreds of thousands people standing on the roadside and cheer the runners enthusiastically.

This triggers an enormous feeling of happiness and brings the maltreated runner just in the last kilometers to endure. You tickle out the last important percentages of the athletes. Furthermore - who can claim to have played sports ever before such a crowd?

3. Basic: Anyone can run a marathon
A marathon is indeed nothing for untrained and health severely impaired people. But - who is healthy and Running is not entirely averse to the principle can create a marathon. Although it requires a continuous training, what's in the hot training phase (12 weeks before the competition) very intense (with 3-5 workouts / week) can be.

But the reward for weeks of hard training and finally 42.195 km, is a truly uplifting feeling. It is difficult to put into words and makes up for all the tortures. Each participant in a marathon is a winner. He won over the physical pain and by his strong will. It can really create any. You just have to want to.

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