Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My child smokes: What should I do?

My child smokes: What should I do?
You have noticed that your child has started smoking and want as soon as possible put a stop to. Strict prohibitions do not help here. You can appeal only with valid reasons to the conscience of your child.

Children Smoking. My child smokes: What should I do? Sometime 12-15 teenagers try their first cigarette. Either they find it then so disgusting that it remains in an attempt or they find it cool, want to belong, act grown up, looking by recognition in their surroundings, trying to impress the opposite sex, thus bridging boredom or uncomfortable situations. Girls in particular also on staying slim by smoking hope.

The youth have thereby hardly a glance for the disadvantages of cigarette smoking. Health hazards fade into the background. Many mistakenly think at any time to stop.

Homilies bring nothing
If you now as parents insist on their authority and smoking strictly forbid, you will have little success. On the one hand you have the child anyway not under control and the other is the child find ways and means most of the day, secretly to smoke. They must rather sensitively affect their offspring, so he came to the conclusion to stop smoking again. Put yourself back in your own teen years and again follow your personal way.

How did it then managed to stop again? Represented your child against a clear attitude to smoking, so that it can be oriented toward and dealing with their arguments. It is more difficult if you are self-smokers. But even then the situation is not hopeless.

Talk to your child about smoking
Find a quiet moment in which you address the issue of smoking. Begin by no means, if you have once again noticed the unpleasant smell an intense debate. Perhaps your child will deny or play down a lot to bring counter-arguments to the fact first. It will explain, for example, that smoking indeed anyone else that it's only time taking a train from another, or at any time can stop. Then Avoid teachings or derogatory comments. Wear a peaceful form of factual arguments, about the child may then think.

What are the arguments against smoking?
Appeal especially to the vanity of the teenager. Smelly clothes and bad breath do not leave a good impression with the opposite sex. Cigarettes are expensive. How does the child finance? Later are added health problems.

In addition to yellow teeth and rapidly aging skin a chronic cough comes in and the progressive lung damage caused shortness of breath and worsens the condition. While girls who take the pill an increased thrombosis risk, this could lead to erectile dysfunction in males.

Last but not least, young people must accept that they also damage the Non smoking around them. Passive smoking affects the fellows so that there can be respiratory tract irritation, nausea and headaches. Argue that it now comes across a lot cooler if you can resist the charms of smoking.

Meet arrangements with your child
As punishment the way to the Non smoking not bring much, you make better arrangements to help your child. Find a common way to give up smoking again. Put a reward in view that lets you meet your child a great desire. Ultimate goal should be the complete cessation of smoking. Arrange where appropriate milestones with smoke-free areas or times.

But is the sooner the child completely quit smoking, the greater the chance that there is no dependency. Are you yourself smoke, talk openly and honestly about their motives and difficulties to free themselves from dependence. Maybe there are already some Aufhörversuche behind you. Maybe that's also a good opportunity to work together to quit smoking.

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