Thursday, June 18, 2015

Private health insurance, why?

Private health insurance
More and more people are trying to get out of their private health insurance because they simply becomes too expensive to them. Under what circumstances is possible and when it is particularly difficult to check out this article!

Private Health Insurance
Once in private health insurance - always in private health insurance. As tempting as a private health insurance also may appear because of the special services at first glance - a lot of people are trying for some years to come out of their collective back and can not do it. Basically namely the regulation: Whoever is once insured privately, it remains.

Private insurance companies are becoming more expensive
The reason why more and more insured want to get out of their private health insurance, are premium increases of up to 38% per year. The fact that the private companies are not linked to their contributions to the statutory requirements, they have a relatively free hand in determining their contributions.

The posts are the benefits for young self-employed persons with an income manageable usually low and sexy: chief physician hospital treatment, a single or double room instead of a dorm and many other advantages has private health insurance.

A change from the private to the public health insurance is very difficult
Has a self-employed but, agreed to private health insurance, it is virtually impossible for him to switch to the statutory health insurance. Only self-employed persons who have completed a voluntary unemployment insurance and then are actually unemployed for at least one year, may change in the statutory fund.

Also a permanent position may be a justification for the change in a legal Checkout - but the annual income must for 53,550 euros (as of 2014) not exceed. This amount will be determined annually, in 2015 he is already at 54,900 euros. An employee must remain for at least one year below the salary class then.

If the annual salary increased within twelve months above that amount, the insured must return to the private insurance. In this way arrangements with the new boss will be prevented, allowing the employee the more favorable, legal tariff.

From 55 years, a change is almost impossible
From the age of 55 years, it is virtually impossible to switch from private insurance to the legal. Pensioners do not really have an opportunity to move. Only with the advice and assistance of experts can be made possible in exceptional cases, a change in certain circumstances.

The older someone is, the less sense also makes the change from private insurance to the legal because then lost the aging reserves. These are built up over the years of contributions to cushion the high posts in age. Nevertheless, the contributions often still remain very high and prepare many pensioners sleepless nights.

A collective or insurance company changes could be an alternative
One possibility for insured persons who wish to leave their private health insurance, you may switch to another insurance company or in a different tariff. The different tenders should be compared but thoroughly to see if another insurance company is actually cheaper than the previous.

The decision for or against the private insurance should be early and carefully considered like. From a young age is self-employed or earners should carefully consider whether they want to take out health insurance really private. Since this Decision constitutes a decision for the rest of life is, in many cases, they should not be thoughtlessly like.

While offering a private health insurance often perform better and may be for singles or self-employed at the beginning of much more favorable than the statutory insurance. Nevertheless, many private funds increase their contributions regularly, so it can be assumed that a private insurance in the next few years will be even more expensive. About car insurance you can read here.

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