Thursday, June 25, 2015

Three days with iOS 6

Three days with iOS 6 - my impressions!
Much I hoped for in advance, and much has also been implemented by Apple in iOS 6. But not only the known new features such as much better Siri, Apple Maps, Facebook integration, mail, Shared Photo Streams and FaceTime over 3G cellular knowledge to convince and are partly long overdue, but just the small details and small, unnamed changes and features knowledge to inspire and persuade. And Apple is as always part great attention to detail.

iOS 6 is at first glance relatively unspectacular, but with the use then makes it through all the small and large innovations grinning broadly. The first beta runs fast and very stable on my iPhone and iPad, but has - and this is quite normal in beta versions - here and there some cosmetic errors, but the near future are likely to be history.

Well, I just want time list in note form, which changes and new features I really like:

Siri: The personal assistant can now finally also in Germany much more. Another new feature is in addition to location requests, restaurants or sports results, see the Open Apps. I use Siri now very often, although some database connections are missing (eg cinema queries) in the backend. And finally it is also represented on the iPad and makes a because the mobile life.

Maps: Google Maps is history! Apple offers in the future in collaboration with TomTom own Maps app on that turn-by-turn navigation, a stunning 3D view, but not anywhere as work at the moment and Flyover function. Total chic it is on the iPad!
Facebook: The Social Network is now - like Twitter - integrated into the system and makes it easier here posting content. Facebook Event to Facebook friends and birthdays are displayed in the contacts with the calendar and. In addition, can be deducted from the newsroom directly tweets or post, without detours via any app. An implementation is also planned for Mountain Lion, but until autumn.

At last sharing and commenting on photos in various Photo Streams is possible. Goes very quickly and easily. I can make a stream public or invite only certain people or groups who then also be able to view immediately on your iOS Device or on the web stream.

Safari: Very nice, of course iCloud Tabs, which I can see in all my devices which Seitem / tabs are open to each other's equipment. I turn as my iMac at home and can continue surfing on my iPad where I've left off the iMac. Offline Reading List remembers sites and stores them locally, so that one can look at without Internet access, the page also. Nice is also the fullscreen landscape mode on the iPhone, which gives an even more space for surfing. It has also done much for displaying Web pages. For Facebook: Here layers are now displayed properly and can scroll as you would expect from a desktop browser. You can now, for example, Pictures on the Mobile Safari Upload directly. It's great for a variety of services for which there is no separate app. For example, I can finally upload images via mobile Safari on the .mactomster fan. This does not go with the Facebook app unfortunately.

Do Not Disturb: Another new feature, which prevents it that in a meeting or at night when sleeping to do anything when a call, a message or anything else arrives. The unit remains silent and dark, because the sudden brightening of the display at night in complete darkness sometimes enough so all that is needed to be taken out of doze. You can adjust also that Do Not Disturb is active for a certain period, or only certain calls, or calls from favorites or groups are allowed or a number repeated calls. Great Thing!

Clock on the iPad: iOS 6 on the iPad equipped the users finally a clock with alarm etc. pp. It's quite possible that it also provide weather and stocks in the final version. But you can already now Siri strive for a query and gets its desired data display.

iTunes Match: So far, streaming via iTunes Match was possible only on the Mac. In iOS 6 also a real streaming of songs from iCloud is now possible and does not require any previous download more.

The little things: There are so many minor changes and improvements! For example, the partly revised UI (eg iTunes and App Store, phone, music app) or a better arrangement and easier accessibility of functions in the settings. The App Store requires at already purchased apps, which should again be loaded or update finally no longer password, as this is always free. The App Store now remains further open when you tap an app to install. For better overview app icons now get a small label with the "New" or "Update".

Attention to detail: Yes, that's Apple-typical! In the music or iPod app volume control, etc. Now in metal look. If you move the device now, so change the reflections of the buttons, as if they were actually physically there!

There are certainly a lot more to list here, but that would now surely go beyond the scope. I will eventually give further details in the second beta. We wait and see.

Unfortunately, unfortunately, not all innovations on all devices. An Overview:

iOS and OS X have received useful and cool features and approach on and on. And that is far from the end of the story! The innovations and improvements are great and facilitate the use of more and more. Of course I will continue to report here in the next beta releases if there is news.

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