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Tips to fight nightmares

Tips to fight nightmares

The nightmare is a dream that is experienced by negative emotions such as anxiety and panic from dreaming. In the dream-threatening but also banal situations can occur. The nightmare occurs predominantly during REM sleep, usually in the second half of the night. How will your nightmares rid of it?

Nightmares occur mainly in the second half of the night.
The duration of the nightmare varies from a few minutes to half an hour and is usually crushed when the dreamer tremble. After that, the person is immediately aware of his alertness and the temporal and spatial orientation is given in each case. The researchers suspect the presence of: unprocessed current events, traumatic or traumatising experiences, stress or psychological problems, but it can also play a role physical components.

In Germany, about 5% of people suffer from the nightmares. Nightmares everyone has already experienced a burden they are only if they occur more frequently and become a burden. A man wants to be rid of his nightmares, when the personal suffering is too large or is. Because of the restful and healthy night's sleep is a prerequisite for a good and successful next day.

Methods and techniques to neutralize the nightmare
A common method is the Vorstellungs Rehearsal Therapy. Here the person writes on his nightmare and works with the therapist points out that are scary. These points are reinterpreted (reframt) in positive. Thus, for example. The inanimate road are reinterpreted in a street with lots of people and lots of light. Or the alleged persecutors will bring no harm, but a positive message for the person concerned is grateful.

The person concerned wrote to the interpretation of his dream and is about 14 day, several times a day, the new dream version before. The new version of the dream carries over sooner or later into the unconscious. For every repetition is a gain. This is a psychological law. If you encounter the nightmare still then only in a weakened form.

An entirely different possibility is to learn lucid dreaming. When lucid dreaming the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming. He may look like a director of a film control his dream conscious and he is aware that he is dreaming. He has access to "reality" outside of his consciousness, so his subconscious. This is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade his personality in an unprecedented scale and to make new discoveries.

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