Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Travel Price construction noise

Travel Price construction noise
You can reduce the travel price with construction noise issue. You want to relax in the hotel room or by the pool and knocking outside the hotel and it hammers and jackhammers and drilling machine are in full swing? With unbearable construction noise you can reclaim from the tour operator money.

So you can reduce the travel price with construction noise. If you have booked a hotel in a quiet location, but every morning to be awakened by a deafening construction noise or you can not sleep because of the loud music next door to a nightclub, which is regarded as travel shortage. You can therefore reduce the travel price and reclaim a portion of the travel expenses by the organizer. Become however woken in the neighborhood by five clock from a cockcrow, considered merely as an inconvenience that you have to accept.

Construction noise entitled to a reduction of the travel price
If a construction site around the hotel you have booked is and is hammered from dawn to dusk, you may reduce the tour price by 60 percent. Thus, the Cologne Regional Court has ruled in a judgment (file no. 3 O 27/96).

BUT: If the tour operator has to inform when booking over the construction work, but you still book, you can not reduce the travel price afterwards. However, if you arrive at the resort and the hotel or parts of the plant are still under construction (there are for example no restaurant or pool is not finished yet), you can reduce the price by 75 percent.

Once you notice the lack of travel or the construction noise, you must notify the organizers locally thereon. If there is no local contact, contact via telephone or email. The organizer If you do not, you lose the right to reduce the price. The responsible contact person is named in the travel documents. Therefore, you should take the documents along with the ride.

Usually the problem is solved by the organizer immediately. If this is not the case, customize a lack protocol (including photos of the construction site) and let you sign it on the spot from the contact. When you return from vacation, you have one month in which to make the claim a reduction. The letter set in the signed protocol flaws above and the photographic evidence. Send the documents by registered post to the best tour operators. Hook according to one to two weeks, if the tour operator does not answer.

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