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Why should you use a credit account?

Why should you use a credit account?
The opening of a current account is in Germany with a negative Schufa often not so simple. Many banks opt only for customers who can demonstrate a secure financial background. However, there is a possibility to open a credit account in this case.

Credit account
Why should you use a credit account? The following article explains what they are doing, where the benefits are and what should be paid.

Credit account - What is it?
A checking account is in principle in the red (target), but also in the Plus (Do area) are performed. If agreed with the bank, the account holder, the account can overdraw (overdraft). However, several reasons make an overdraft inadmissible. In these cases, the Bank performs a so-called credit account.
This is a normal checking account to which a credit agreement exists. This means that the account holder no debt and, consequently, can not cover. You may be a minority, poor credit or a present garnishment against the account holder.

For whom this account is useful for? What are the advantages?
The credit account is especially suitable for people who want to open an account in spite of a negative Schufa information. Another advantage is ideal for people who want to avoid the coating of their account. This often affects younger people who still have no income or unable to deal as well with money. By this account liabilities are avoided. Another advantage is the often free account management, unlike many other types of accounts.

How do you find the right bank account?
First, it is possible to obtain information on the Internet that offer this account which banks. Here as well the terms and conditions for the opening can be checked. Many websites also offer opportunities for comparison. This is very useful, because there are several providers of credit account, where the conditions differ significantly in some cases. The following factors play an important role in the choice and should be considered:

Level of account management fees
Is online banking possible?
Amount of interest on the credit balance
BID premiums for new customers when a bank account is opened?
Penalty applies when non-bank ATMs are being used?
Can abroad are lifted free money?

Anyone who chooses to open a credit account, should think twice about what factors are important to him and in this regard to make the selection. On the Internet can be very well looked after party. The opening is online, but also in a possible branch.

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