Monday, June 29, 2015

Windows 10: This 5 functions disappear after the update

Windows 10: This 5 functions disappear after the update
Windows 10 starts with many early praise. The upcoming operating system from Microsoft is running comfortably in the prerelease stable and eliminates many errors that were made in Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, some services have been set. What familiar things are missing in Windows 10, you will learn in this post.

On Windows 10 some familiar features of the previous versions are missing. Windows 10 is better with a fresh design and many new features, such as the returned "Start" menu. In addition, the new operating system comes to many users for free on the PC, because if a legal version of Windows 7 or Windows 8 was previously installed on the computer. However, there are also a few downer, because some functions will no longer be available after the update.

Windows 10 does not require Windows Media Center
The Windows Media Center is running Windows 10 is no longer to be found. Introduced in Windows Vista control center for distributing movies and music on the home network and the watching of TV programs when the computer is equipped with a TV tuner card will disappear. Even on Windows 8, the Windows Media Center was just reload.

By default, no DVD playback under Windows 10
Although the Windows Media Player is still Bestanteil of Windows 10, it is by default not to play back DVDs. Microsoft seems to want to save license fees for the codec here. After all, can this shortcoming with appropriate free programs such as the VLC Media Player eliminate.

Desktop gadgets disappear
For Windows Vista, were considered innovation: The Desktop Gadgets. About a choice of displaying the user could quickly here information about the weather, catch up with the latest news, the situation in the stock market and Co.. With Windows 10, the gadgets log off. Replace it can be by mini-programs that you can download at the store from Microsoft. The match then graphically much better in the new operating system.

Windows updates can not be switched off
Patches and updates can be 10 no longer off for normal users under Windows. The advantage is that such vulnerabilities are guaranteed closed. However, Microsoft has sent already faulty updates via the line, which would then inevitably worry on all systems for problems.

Floppy disk drives will have a hard
It will affect very few users, but Microsoft does with the introduction of Windows 10 support for a floppy disk drives. Optionally, however, offer the manufacturer a driver for the obsolete storage media. Who still stored data on diskettes, should they outsource possible on hard disks or CD / DVD / Blu-rays.

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