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Apple iPhone 6S: functions and issue

The expect Apple fans iPhone 6S. But what features offer the next Apple smartphone? COMPUTER BILD presents the current situation and rumors first images to Apple's next generation. iPhone 6S: It is certain that the front camera of the next iPhone is greatly improved. (Source: 9to5Mac) A new iPhone is on! At the latest in September expect fans of the Apple brand with a fresh impetus hardware - to Apple's annual basis, it is probably time for a "S version" instead of iPhone 7. But Apple remains the design of the iPhone 6 true?

iPhone 6S: New Design?
The past has shown that the customers in addition to technological innovations, the design is by far the most important. If the exterior of the smartphone does not change, the interest wanes significantly - although so far every S model was a commercial success. Last year, Apple released the iPhone 6, but also its first phablet iPhone 6 Plus to the market. So the next-generation iPhone debuts well again with two devices, presumably with the iPhone 6S (4.7 inches) and the iPhone 6S Plus (5.5 inches).

First details have emerged on 30 June 2015. in the form of images on the tech blog 9to5Mac on which the not yet assembled housing and some details of the interior design of the iPhone 6S can be seen. It is noticeable that in appearance hardly changes, but inside there are interesting innovations. In the overview you can see the images and what they mean for the new Apple generation.

iPhone 6S: New Hardware?
The emerged on 9to5Mac images that may show the iPhone 6S, could come with views of the outer shell and the iPhone 6, as the new model housing including key arrangement, speaker grill and headphone input is identical to its predecessor. Only inside falls on a change: One of the pictures shows clearly that the Montierungspunkte for the board and other key components are no longer as now placed the iPhone 6. So is the iPhone 6S theoretical space for a bigger battery. Because above all, the short battery life of the iPhone 6 makes users to create. A larger battery in connection with the new power-saving features of the next Apple operating system iOS 9 would be a welcome change for intensive users.

iPhone 6S: fuel cells as an energy source
Another rumor is the result of the cooperation with the firm Intelligent Energy. The British manufacturer of fuel cells probably supplies the energy for the Apple smartphone: The technique enables probably significantly longer battery life; talking several days to a week. The fuel cells are to operate environmentally friendly and extremely efficient. Materialized rumor, it makes sense that Apple uses the technology in other products. First experiments with fuel cells, there were in 2011, then for MacBooks - but made it the technology is not on the market.

Twice as fast as the iPhone 6?
Efficient should also be the processor in the iPhone 6S, because so far published in the details pictures show that the Apple Qualcomm MWM9635M installed in the iPhone 6S. This processor is especially efficient at using the energy reserves during the LTE usage, which in turn has a positive effect on the battery and prolong the life. In addition, the processor is 6 double the LTE speed compared to the previous iPhone and assuming ermöglichen- downloads of up to 300 and uploads at up to 50 megabits per second, the mobile operator untertstützt this information thrust. Further key figures are as unknown as the size of the installed RAM. Under discussion are 2 gigabytes - but the iPhone has never been leaders in RAM. In order for the iPhone 6S would be in terms of pace on par with the current Apple iPad Air. 2

Everything from metal?
Apple has applied for a patent, not to provide in a full metal housing through targeted superposition of metals and metal oxides conductive areas, which thus could replace the current plastic strips. In claim one takes it probably is not. Some images from 9to5Mac show that the 6S-housing still retains the strip on the back. Apple realized ie until 2016 Full metal case with the iPhone 7?

iPhone 6: Liquidmetal in use?
As Macrumors reported, Apple recently extended its exclusive contract with the manufacturer Liquidmetal to February 2016 what can hope that Apple nor built this year the material in equipment. When Liquidmetal is a metal alloy that is very stable and can still easily molded. If the contract extension a first indication of an iPhone with Liquidmetal casing? So far, the material came just for the product for use: the needle to open the SIM card slot. Although First pictures of the iPhone 6S are inconclusive on a Liquid Metal processing, but can be of use for smaller items of 6S.

Pressure Sensitive Display?
As with the 2015er generation MacBook and Apple Watch Apple will probably block the Force-touch function of the touch screen of the new iPhone generation, reported the online magazine AppleInsider. Use the Apple says "main sensor technology since multitouch" touch screen recognizes the different levels of pressure during the operation, then carries out the corresponding functions. So that the user knows whether his entry was successful on the screen, Apple integrated possibly the display Taptic engine technology - the user receives a vibration alarm. When Apple Watch the technique to pretend pedestrians by vibration on the wrist direction.

Sapphire glass on the iPhone 6S?
But is interesting which display glass is used: Long before the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was already talking sapphire crystal. However, due to unknown circumstances failed to implement for the current iPhone, the partner company went bankrupt. It is possible that Apple has found a way to make the high-quality material suitable for smartphone and 2015 is based on the technology - the Apple Watch how it's done. It would also be conceivable that the Apple SIM creates breakthrough and found not only in the US iPad use, but also in the iPhone 6S.

iPhone 6S: Release and Price
Of course it is almost impossible to predict the exact price or the sales start exactly. But the tradition is a guide: Holds Apple course, the idea of ​​the coming iPhone is expected to be in September at the latest, begin the sale in October. The prices, Apple has remained the most loyal in the past. It remains to be seen whether the new luxury clientele that should be found by the Editions models of Apple Watch their way to Apple, should continue in the future resort to non-IBM if an iPhone is pending from real gold.

Come soon the iPhone 7?
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is not yet available for too long, the rumor mill already bubbling to the next and the next generation. So far, few details are known iPhone 6S - even less is known about the iPhone 7. If equipped with a two-lens camera system or a 3D display? COMPUTER BILD summarizes the article "Apple iPhone 7: functions, gossip release" all together and shows exclusive design concepts for the future iPhone. By; Eun-Yong Park, Christian Just, Christian Blum

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