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Apple Music in the test: Home Sharing comes back with iOS 9

Apple Music in the test: Home Sharing comes back with iOS 9

Apple promises the 8.4 retrieve the lost home sharing feature with iOS 9 with the update iOS. There are all information about prices and features to Apple Music and an independent laboratory test here. Satisfactory as Apple with usual grand gesture its new music streaming service Apple Music announced, many were convinced that the will of Spotify killer - and a week after the launch of the service still believe many enthusiasts to a new revolution on the music market. However, the results from the COMPUTER BILD test laboratory show: Even Apple cooks only with water. Why does the competition nevertheless fear and how Apple Music beats in the disciplines offer, Equipment, Security and pricing, please read here.

Apple Music: Home Sharing comes back with iOS 9
With the update to iOS 8.4 Apple's streaming service landed recently on many smartphones. At the same time disappeared quietly a function: Home Sharing for music. Users will not be able to stream your local music library via WLAN to other Apple devices since then - this works currently only with videos. After a Twitter user something flippant nachhakte in Apple's software chief Eddy Cue ("I hope I will not be Taylor Swift, to persuade you, Home Sharing return of Music"), gave this clear: The Home Sharing'm comfortable with iOS 9 back. The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system appears likely to autumn 2015th

Free to try, other problems and unsubscribe
The launch of the new service on Apple devices with the operating system iOS 8.4 works very easy: an invitation to try out Apple Music appears immediately after the first call of the new music app. This invitation can safely follow, because for the first three months Apple Music is free. Appearing during the activation an invitation to purchase the subscription is only a formality - the first time charged is only three months later. Who wants to prevent from the outset, can turn off the auto-renewal of subscriptions immediately via a link in the confirmation e-mail or in the account settings from iTunes - the three-month test phase can be used until the end anyway.

Selection: Many titles, good playlists
When checking the music offer Apple reached a yield of 80 percent. As usual with music streaming tests of COMPUTER BILD, the experts searched for the current chart hits (singles and albums), jazz, independents, pop and classical titles as well as a selection of timeless evergreens and current audiobook best sellers. Best Apple cut off at chart hits in hits, Independent titles and evergreens. The composition of the proposed Apple playlists based on the information to their own taste in music is premature to judge objectively. The coincident opinion of the testers was worded: very good.

Apple Music FAQ: Top ten answers to the new music service

What does Apple Music?
Unique three months you can Apple Music free trial. After that the subscription costs for Apple Music 9.99 per month. For 14.99 euros a month to get a total of six people access to all functions. The most important prerequisite for access - whether for a fee or free of charge: you need an Apple ID. The cancellation of the Service at any time at the end of the month possible.

On which devices Apple Music will be available?
To start the service on June 30, Apple Music works on all iPhones, iPads, iPods with the latest operating system iOS 8.4 and on Apple Watch and iTunes on PCs and Macs. For autumn Apple has announced an app for Android devices, and before the end of 2015, Apple Music are also available on Sonos systems. On other devices, such as AV receivers or wireless speakers, there is no Apple Music for the time being.

Does Apple Music also free functions?
Yes. In the free version you have access to the artist network "Connect" and the 24-hour radio station "Beats 1" with hand-picked selection of music.

What is behind the Connect feature?
Connect is a kind of social network for Apple Music. So it should be possible with Connect to follow his favorite artists to comment on their posts and about to get even exclusive material about demonstrations or pre-publications.

What is the music selection at Apple Music?
In can speculate admirably until the start. Apple itself says something nebulous of "millions of songs". But we must assume that Apple has at least such a large catalog such as Spotify, or around 20 to 25 million tracks. In addition, it can be assumed that Apple is trying to provide exclusive content to its users. First indications are exclusives like Pharrell Williams' title "Freedom" or Taylor Swifts album "1989".

How good is the quality of the streamed music?
Even Apple has pushed out any details on the quality of the music streams. Assuming, however, that is behind the same technique such as iTunes Match, you can expect music files in AAC format at a data rate of 256 kbit / s.

What are curated playlists?
Whether Spotify, Deezer or even Apple Music: All music streaming providers want their users to propose appropriate music. In addition, they analyze the listening habits of its users, conclude on the musical tastes and may propose such similar titles. This is done automatically by means of appropriate algorithms. Another possibility are curated playlists: The title of such playlists have been selected by hand. For Apple, the music experts assume, about the Rolling Stone magazine, from Q Magazine and Pitchfork. In the same way Apple wants to not only create playlists and provide, but also provide individual proposals for its users.

Is Apple Music better than Spotify & Co.?
Good question - COMPUTER BILD is Apple Music take immediately after the start under the microscope, test the supply, operation and safety tough and compare with other providers - find the result soon in the magazine and online. However, the question is always an individual nature: True Spotify fans will perhaps only seriously start to wonder if the music offer at Apple is clearly better. For avid users of iPhone, iPad & Co. should the offer be much more enticing, since Apple Music is tailored to these devices. A good argument speaks clearly for Apple's service: the case of multiple use - for example in the family - Apple Music is by far the best price.

Is Apple Music a substitute for iTunes Match?Operation: Welcome to Apple
No. Although Apple Music and iTunes Match can be combined, but the supply of music is quite different for both services: iTunes Match shipped only your own music collection (ie titles that oneself has on disks) to iCloud so that all titles available from anywhere are. Apple Music complements the music library with all the pieces that you do not own.

Does Apple Music without an internet connection?
Yes - at least temporarily. Similar to Spotify & Co. also offers a so-called Apple Music offline mode. This title from Apple Music can save time-limited on mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Operation: Welcome to Apple
Biggest weakness of Apple Music: Who does not have Apple device, can join only limited. An Apple ID is mandatory, announced an app for Android operating systems until the fall of 2015. Also hi-fi devices for the living room offer still no native access to Apple Music. The wireless Sonos speaker system about to be integrated by the end of the year. Currently the only option, either connect the computer wired to the plant or to stream the music using Apple's AirPlay-house transmission protocol to the devices in the living room - as long as they can. For owners of iPhone, iPad & Co. Apple Music is of course very comfortable: The service integrates seamlessly with iTunes and the new music app for iOS. The functions are self-explanatory, with few exceptions: For example, unusually, that the new heart symbol on songs each song not shipped as with other vendors in a sort of list of favorites, but reveals only Apple's Analysis program in the background: this music pleases me.

These speakers are already available for Apple Music
Checking the small print and this blog analysis on vulnerabilities in iTunes showed: When transferring data to users must feel comfortable, because serious gaps could not discover the expert. When it comes to customer-friendliness Apple collects Although no industry-bee, but also does not fall by nasty traps in the small print on. When paying as always: Many options Apple offers its customers not: So there are about iTunes prepaid cards or payment via Click & Buy. Most gladly would have iTunes credit card details.

The hare hedgehog syndrome: Apple is always there
The test shows: Apple Music is not necessarily so dangerous for Spotify & Co., because as the selection so gigantic that operation so outstanding or the usability would be so conspicuously varied. The attraction is rather: Apple Music is simply already there. Around 800 million users have already deposited on iTunes and the App Store Your credit card information at Apple. For them, the hurdle to start the free trial period and afterwards just to stay with the service, equal to zero. Who already with another provider but is paid and satisfied the process will consider a change three times. By; Jan Bruns, Steven Plöger

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