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Bargain check: Galaxy S3 Mini and iPhone 4S

Bargain check: Galaxy S3 Mini and iPhone 4S

Tchibo shop has until mid-July 2015, online shop and in stores the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and the iPhone 4S including low tariff on - a good offer? Entry-level smartphones at Tchibo: Galaxy S3 Mini and iPhone 4S. Both units are very old for Smartphone ratios: The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, the Tchibo offers including Bluetooth speaker for 79 euro, presented by the manufacturer in November 2012 as a stripped-down relatives of the former flagship Galaxy S3. The iPhone 4S to have at Tchibo for 249 euros, even originates from October 2011 - with Apple itself, the device is now no longer available. For starters, both devices are, however, continues to be popular. So the question: Are the two Tchibo offers good?

Really "no bond"?
Tchibo sells both devices including smartphone tariff for monthly 9.95 euro and complements with the note "without ties". But that does not apply to the smartphone, but on the collective. Who concludes that both devices do not require any SIM or Netlock is wrong. Finally, Tchibo has previously sold smartphones bundled with Tchibo prepaid SIM without any SIM or Net lock. But the footnote under the Tchibo offer clarifies: "Tchibo mobil devices only work with Tchibo Mobile SIM cards". After all: the supplier's lock can be in the first two years of one-time 49 Euro, then pick up for free. And on demand gave Tchibo Editor's the information that the supplier's lock the iPhone is not active.

How good is the fare?
The package is a SIM card for the Tchibo smartphone tariff. This is a prepaid tariff with smartphone option and without contract term, which can be terminate each month (hence the words "without ties"). He is paid by direct debit or prepaid credit top. Compared to network operators tariffs it is quite cheap: for 9.95 euros per month offers you an Internet flat rate with 300 megabytes unthrottled data volume, to 200 free minutes and 200 free SMS. However, if you ordered action fares from brands such as Smart Mobile over the Internet, gets less for the same money more data volume including LTE or similar laced package for about 2 euros. For a current comparison of COMPUTER BILD mobile tariff calculator is recommended.

S3 Mini and iPhone 4S still recommended?
The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and the iPhone 4S are the most inexpensive way to get the Galaxy S-class or the Apple iPhone-universe hereinzuschnuppern in the premium worlds. This makes them attractive for beginners. In addition, both devices are become rare category of handy smartphones. Who only seeks a device for WhatsApp and occasional snapshots, which ranges from the performance. A closer look at the art, however, the eulogies listen to: The pace of work is just adequate for beginners. And latest technologies such as quad-core processors, LTE or wireless charging are completely absent. 

In addition, the Galaxy S3 Mini runs with Android 4.2, so stay out of date security excluded. Although the iPhone 4S runs on the current iOS 8.4 and is also the update to iOS 9 get even, but the pace is leisurely. Bottom line offers the Galaxy S3 Mini for the price a decent performance, especially since many of the great software extras S3 drinstecken. The iPhone 4S, however, is about 30 euros cheaper than at Tchibo in online stores. In addition, it is basically too expensive for the built-in technology. For about 250 euros, there are already current upper-range devices like the Lumia 830 or the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. And should there necessarily be an iPhone, the iPhone 5C (to get currently for about 290 euros) is the better choice.

Is it worth it Tchibo shop bundle?
If you manage with the included services offered in the tariff, is at least the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini a good offer: On the one hand there is the smartphone still a Bluetooth speaker to the other costs about 20 euros at Tchibo. Secondly, the smartphone is about 30 euros cheaper than the cheapest online retailer. Before making a purchase but you should check on the PC or the network test app on the smartphone using the COMPUTER BILD-coverage map, whether the O2 network in the desired location has a well-developed UMTS (yellow marking). LTE not control both entry-level devices. By; Christian Just

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