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Good sheltered by the heat wave

Good sheltered by the heat wave
These days would be a welcome tradition in Tölzer Land. The thermometer climbs above 30 degrees, which can make a quite tedious. But with some expert tips to get well without siesta through the heat wave. 30 degrees, the sun rays tickle the nose, the skin is pleasantly warm. "Sun is essential to life," says Dr. Alexandra Schum of Toelzer health department. Thanks to sunlight the body image that is vitamin D, which is necessary for all metabolic processes. And sun brisk at the happy hormones. "This is crucial for the psyche," says Schum. However, as much sun as these days can also be dangerous.

According Schum it is now important to drink plenty of water or herbal tea and to renounce possible on alcohol and coffee. "We exude plenty of fluids, but we need them in order to stabilize the circulation," says Schum. Moreover Schum recommends to eat only light meals, otherwise to continue working hard case.

For the nursing home Lenggries the heat is a challenge. "The sensation of thirst is missing at the age," said warden Ruth Pirschl. Therefore, employees are constantly challenged to provide enough to drink the residents. Even light meal is difficult to enforce, Pirschl laughs. "Experimentation is not at all. The residents want to eat what they are accustomed to. "For a while there was the summer cold soup, but it was not arrived well.

Total Pirschl noted that the women and men in the nursing home were not so concentrated by the heat and managed quickly. That's why she makes sure that everyone wears a hat when he goes out into the open, and umbrellas are enough there.

When clothes Schum discourages synthetic fabrics. ". Otherwise you sweat even more" Also long sleeves and pant legs are helpful to not get a sunburn, says pharmacies spokesman Helmut Ratzeck - and of course sunscreen. "If it does happen, there are lotions that cool and repair," said the Lenggrieser. Swells the skin on thick, but also help the nothing. "Then you should go to the doctor."

But it can get even worse: "If I go up unprotected to Blomberg or lie in the sun, I can get heat stroke," says Hans-Wilhelm Berbig, Medical Director of the Asklepios emergency room. Headache, confusion, dizziness and vomiting suggest. Although a heat stroke is very rare, but expects Berbig in the coming days with many patients with tendency to collapse because they have drunk too little.

Endurance athletes advises Berbig so much to drink at least 20 minutes before exercise, as is consumed later, and constantly "replenish" during training. Two signs point loud Berbig to dehydration way: "dry tongue and dark urine."

Hitzefrei can students expect not incidentally, says Education Authority Director Marianne Konrad. Since the all-day schooling must namely be ensured that the children are cared for. "If a head teacher decides to give Hitzefrei that parents need to be informed at an early stage."

In most offices to help beat the heat with air conditioning. However, should be treated with caution, says Schum. "The room temperature should be adapted to the outside temperature." This means that the room should not be colder than 24 degrees. "Otherwise, the body has to change again and again and responded with a cold."

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