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Horsehead a Roman equestrian statue

Horsehead a Roman equestrian statue

Dispute over ancient Roman sensational discovery escalates How far the construction of Roman administration in Germania had taken root, showing the discovery of a horse's head in Waldgirmes. He demonstrates a city's founding. But where is the good pieces are shown? This horse head of a Roman equestrian statue was discovered during excavations in Waldgirmes in . The metal probe strikes last. Next ditch or not? Archaeologists are initially uncertain. But in the end wins the curiosity and a few hours later, the researchers hold the central Hessian Lahnau-Waldgirmes one of the greatest treasures in his hand, which was previously raised in Hesse: a Roman horse head made of bronze.

"I had then with excitement goosebumps," said amateur local historian Wilfried Paeschke who was able to witness the historic moment in August 2009 reminded. Since then, hopes of a pensioner, that the ancient sculpture returns to the region. Shortly after the discovery of the horse's head out of the public disappeared. This was followed by investigations, restorations - and a dispute which has not yet been settled.

The archaeologists dug up the valuable bronze figure on the land of a farmer. 2009 saw before the state law that such a Fund for half the state of Hesse and the other half is owned by the land owner. To date, the country rings and the Lahn Auer. Currently running at Giessen Regierungspräsidium (RP) a so-called compensation fixing procedure. This is also an expert was commissioned, which is to determine the value of the horse's head.

"We are still waiting for the opinion," reports RP spokeswoman Gabriele Fischer. It should be available before the summer holidays. The litigants express themselves in demand not for conflict and refer to the current method. Only this: "We hope that it comes as soon as possible to a solution," said Mark Kohlbecher, spokesman for the Ministry of Arts in Wiesbaden.

Scientists have told us that the importance of this find that the Sky Disc of Nebra or the Celtic princes from Glauberg tantamount

Wilfried Paeschke "Friends of "Roman Forum Waldgirmes"

It also hopes Wilfried Paeschke. The pensioner is the chairman of the association "Roman Forum Waldgirmes". The association is committed to publicize the Roman history of the region. And at the horse's head if it were indeed a very valuable piece.

The head was part of an equestrian statue. The figure comes from the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus, the n of 63 v. To 14. Chr. Lived. "Scientists have told us that the importance of this find that the Sky Disc of Nebra or the Celtic princes from Glauberg tantamount" says Paeschke. Association CEO Peter Schepp adds that the Paris Louvre would borrow the central Hessian Fund in 2014 for an exhibition Augustus. The request was but in vain.

Paeschke and Schepp do with the Friends of the results of archaeological excavations in Waldgirmes for years publicly. This involves them more than the horse's head: According Paeschke Archaeologists have uncovered east of the Rhine and north of the Danube marks the date only Roman city founded in Germania in the past decades in Waldgirmes.

Regularly coming school classes, pursuing the traces of these founded around the year four BC settlement. Among other things, with lectures, guided tours and a "legionary troops" informed the association about the former Roman camp in Waldgirmes.

Currently, members are preparing the construction of a visitor center at the excavation site. The Horsehead, still stored in the restoration workshop of the State Office of Historic Monuments in Wiesbaden, would be a special attraction for the new building. The original should it not be natural, emphasizes the association chairman Paeschke. "We want only a replica, so we can show the people this really great finds at last."

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