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Kyocera Torque: Test of rugged outdoor mobile phones

Kyocera Torque: Test of rugged outdoor mobile phones

The outdoor smartphone Kyocera Torque looks relatively smart and has a lot of innovative functions in stock. As a true outdoor smartphone that Kyocera Torque resists not only dust and water, but also compressive forces. Yes, a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z3 is waterproof and can withstand a fall sometimes, but it is not designed. Who's out and about a lot, active on the site or Smartphone just treated "not so carefully", could find pleasure in the Kyocera Torque. It is robust, has a proper hardware configuration and an 8-megapixel camera. But it also keeps what the datasheet promises? eVivam has undergone the torque a practice test.

The Torque is well in hand. The grippy rubber at the bottom ensures a secure grip. Of this also the Apple iPhone 6 could learn a lot, that's many clearly smooth. This is the design of the Torque of several parts: The upper screen frame is smooth and bolted, the roughened lower. Below the display sit similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active three true keys to control. The back mixing different surfaces: The upper and lower area consists of textured gripping rubber, the middle part, however, made of brushed plastic. In times of touchscreen buttons are usually in short supply - not as the Torque: Proud nine buttons are operation ready. In addition to the three Google buttons, there are the buttons for the volume and to turn, a camera button, a quick-start button and a mute switch.

Technical Specifications
Kyocera uses a Snapdragon 400 processor as. This makes four cores at 1.4 GHz each on a brisk pace. In the first practice test, no jerkiness or delays could be identified. The Japanese do not skimp on even when memory: Memory is sized lush with 2 GB internal memory and can hold up to 12 GB - if that's not enough, you simply packs a microSD memory card into the appropriate slot. Surprisingly bright and contrasty is the 4.5-inch screen. Although he dissolves only with moderate 1280x720 pixels, but this is not noticeable in normal use.

Kyocera Torque: Test of rugged outdoor mobile phones

The device can be operated with normal, thick gloves. The camera copes well with different lighting conditions and reliably detects artificial and natural light. But the quality of the 8-megapixel camera is sufficient for most improved photographic evidence: There is a lack of detail images while strong color noise is visible. The front camera on the other hand shows relatively many details, but here disturbs the rough color noise.

Outdoor skills
The Torque boasts several innovative features: The speaker opening is missing, instead, the entire housing a large speaker. This should ensure that you own all heard by a hearing protection or a motorcycle helmet yet. In the test worked even surprisingly well. In addition, the screen is both pressure sensitive and touch-sensitive. Thus even an operation is possible even when wearing thick gloves.

Assessment: Kyocera Torque
The Torque leaves a very good impression: The handling is smooth, the screen clear and high contrast, and like the design with sophisticated keys. However, the camera failed in the test by weak reproduction of detail and strong color noise. Overall, the Kyocera Torque works better than many other outdoor and smartphones seems for professional use on construction sites or in rough terrain to own. The Kyocera Torque is available for around 385 euros to buy (Amazon, as of 05.27.2015).

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