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Lukas Podolski collected three million euros per year

Lukas Podolski collected three million euros per year
Galatasaray makes content from Podolski publicly Enthusiastic reception for Lukas Podolski in Istanbul. Galatasaray is the German international a contract until the summer of 2019 - and makes the content of the world champion surprisingly publicly. They waited patiently. And when Lukas Podolski finally came, they gave him an equally enthusiastic reception as cordial. When the German national team landed in Istanbul on Saturday morning, he got ever feel how euphoric the Appendix of Galatasaray. In shorts, a white shirt and a pair of sunglasses with the 30-year-old walked out of the airport building, there already surrounded him the first fans. They placed a Galatasaray scarf around his neck and posed with him for many photographers and cameramen. Podolski had everything go through, casually chewing gum in the mouth.

It took a little until a delegation of the Turkish master had pioneered with the prominent access the way to a van. By Podolski was brought to the Hospital Liv Ulus, where the midfielder completed the mandatory medical check before it went to the stadium of Galatasaray. In the offices Podolski signed his new contract in the afternoon. Is dated to 2019.

Lukas Podolski collected three million euros per year

According to official stock exchange release Galatasaray will pay 2.5 million euro transfer fee for the offensive Mittelfeldspieler.Podolski receives in the first three years, three million euros each salary, in the fourth then 2.3 million. Pro game there is an additional 20,000 euros. Should the club over the next three seasons (2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018) even qualify for the Champions League, 500,000 euros will be due again.

Lukas Podolski on his arrival at the airport in Istanbul
"Galatasaray has already long way to help me. The discussions that we have now done, were very good. It was a stomach and heart decision. I look forward to the new challenge and wants on the court accelerate," Podolski said in his official presentation in the afternoon. The press conference with Podolski, who was sitting in the jersey of Galatasaray on the podium, was broadcast live on the Internet. He spoke in glowing terms about his new employer - and raved about the fans who have always treated him cordially.

He did continue to enjoy football and was also still hungry for titles. "I like soccer and living my dream," Podolski said: "I am happy to be here Galatasaray is a champion team.." Podolski also emphasized that, fully support him his family, with whom he had previously spent his holidays on the Turkish Riviera in his new position.

Podolski follows the advice of the national coach
By signing the contract, a new chapter begins in the era of Podolski. After the unfortunate lending stint with Inter Milan and unsatisfactory prospects at his previous club FC Arsenal Podolski wants to start again in Istanbul. He succeeds also an advice of coach Joachim Loew, who again demands more time using the club for his longtime regulars in European Championship season. "I want him to play, at least 30 to 40 games," the coach had said in an interview with the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag".

Podolski was changed in 2012 to Arsenal. His contract ran there until the end of June 2016. For the Gunners, he played 82 competitive matches and scored 31 goals. However, the operating time of the previous Bundesliga professionals from 1. FC Köln and Bayern took time off for Game Time. After the first round of the preseason Podolski sought his fortune in Milan, but was there only part-time employee. "We want to play as a footballer regularly. That's my goal," the offensive player himself said repeatedly.

"He does the team by its nature good"

After talking with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger's decision to step out now to have fallen from one of the top European leagues, but still would allow Podolski inserts in the Champions League. "We had very good discussions with Wenger. He wanted to keep Luke, but could give him no regular place guarantee. That is why we have agreed on a change," said Podolski adviser Nassim Touihri the "image".

With Galatasaray Podolski would play alongside the former Bayern stars Hamit Altintop and the Dutch international's Wesley Sneijder. Behind the heavily indebted club is a difficult season. While the Yellow-Red were able to secure the Turkish league title at the end, but in the Champions League, the team eliminated in the preliminary round from. Against Borussia Dortmund lost "Gala" at home even 0:. 4

The Galatasaray fans are hoping for a new impetus by the earlier courted by club Podolski. Germany coach Loew, who anyway built on the feel-good footballer in spite of difficult times, relies on a better time for Podolski himself because at Loew is "Poldi" at a premium. "In principle, Lukas has been a vital part of the national team, because he is a positive person who simply is good for the team through his art. But in the end one happens to be the power ", Löw had stressed. Maybe that are even now in the jersey of Galatasaray better.

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