Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Leopard Tank 3

Leopard 2 Revolution
Leopard 2 Revolution. We have the first details for successor who will perhaps be called Leopard 3. The Leopard 2 gets a successor. Whether it 2 A8 or A7 A1 how it internally called the Bundeswehr, will be called Leopard 3, Leopard, we do not know. For some technical details about the future main battle tank of the German Armed Forces were now known. As the BILD reported on Sunday, the defense company Rheinmetall testing diligently the future model. The basis of the prototype is the Leopard 2 Revolution, the latest variant of the main battle tank. The aim of the new Leo technically before the recently introduced Russian main battle tank T-14 draw level Armata. Russia modernized with high pressure his tanks. On the anniversary of the war, the army was the first time the new Armata T-14th In professional circles, there is discussion whether the current Leopard is the new Russian T-14 Armata inferior.

Next Leo is with a stronger smoothbore gun shoot as far, instead of 120 millimeters it is expected to be 130-140 millimeters. For this plan, the engineers a fully digital tower. Thus, the position Leo pictures and photos of drones processed in real time and digitally transmit them to the command post. The gunner controls the fernlenkbaren weapons joystick and monitor a previously unrecognized target. The commander's been replaced by a new vision system and now has a thermal imager, a laser rangefinder and an integrated fire control for six different types of ammunition. The digital system is to shorten the reaction time. Another new feature is a remote controlled weapon system for various weapons to the 40-mm grenade launcher. The aim of self-protection at close range can be improved.

Commander brakes now with
The manufacturer Rheinmetall Defence revolution is based on the Leopard 2 A4, shines with improved armor, several small missiles and a swiveling device for firing projectiles fog. They should hide the Colossus or make them invisible for a short time for incoming missiles. The machine gun is remotely controlled from the safe inside. In addition to the driver, the commander has its own brake, can stop the tanks in hazardous situations independently. There are also other functions and camera systems, a new generator and an improved air conditioning. The cooling in addition to the crew, the electronics and the ammunition. New night vision and thermal imaging cameras provide more clarity during the four-member crew.

KMW Leo with better armor
Recently renovated, the Bundeswehr its rolling fortress, now called him Leopard 2 A7. The version of the nearly 65-ton main battle tank by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) Leopard 2 A6M is based on the. The has been tested between 2007 and 2011. of the Canadian army in Afghanistan. The experiences of Canadians have led to significant changes in the eleven-meter-long (with tower and cannon), 3.80 meters wide and 2.60 meters high well armored. The new version is designed to provide an enhanced combat capability, greater sustainability, and better leadership. As before, the Leo is driven by twelve-cylinder diesel from MTU with 1,500 HP. The 65-tonner after all thus creates a top speed of 72 km / h.

New ammunition
The new Leo can be the so-called High Explosive (HE) ammunition program, the loader can determine the timing and amount of detonation exactly. The temperature-explosive munitions can be up to 5000 meters in the air, exploding in the forest or for a while after that. This allows the Leo also combat objectives behind cover. But even these munitions is intended to represent only an intermediate step.

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