Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nuclear Deal: Agreement with Iran in 48 hours or not at all

Nuclear Deal: Agreement with Iran in 48 hours or not at all

The nuclear negotiations with dangerous country Iran will not be extended again according to informed negotiation circles. The 48 hours are crucial, a source said on Tuesday evening. "We have a final extension granted," he said. It is hard to imagine, again go beyond that. "Either it happens in the next 48 hours or not at all."

Previously disclosed that still to be negotiated further to Friday in order to reach an agreement in the dispute over Iran's nuclear program. Actually, the negotiators wanted to reach an agreement at midnight until Tuesday. The deadline originally ended in late June and had already been extended once.

The negotiating group of six from the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany suspect Iran of developing nuclear weapons under the guise of a civilian program. Iran denies this, but does not allow international inspections of its nuclear facilities. The United Nations has therefore imposed sanctions against Iran.

According to the US delegation at the Vienna nuclear talks imposed by the UN sanctions against the missile program and the arms trade of Iran would remain under a nuclear deal. That said a senior US official on Tuesday.

Iran calls for the lifting of all sanctions taken against him at the entry into force of a nuclear agreement. This must also apply to trade in arms and missiles. The West rejects this but.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond traveled to London on Tuesday night, but he will return to the nuclear talks in Vienna on Wednesday evening. On Thursday there will probably again a meeting of 5 + 1 (UN veto powers plus Germany) enter, he says before leaving. "We hope that we will achieve solid progress on Thursday, when we meet again," said British Foreign Secretary.

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