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PC upgrade: It is easy to get old computers refloat

PC upgrade: It is easy to get old computers refloat

Current games, programs start slowly and the disk is full? Does not always have a new computer that often shows the renovation of a small component already surprising effect. If your computer is no longer the fastest, it must be a new non-equal. By changing a few components to increase the pace of work. The replacement of hard drives, drives, memory or graphics card is often useful and the effort remains limited. Besides a screwdriver just a little skill is required. Only the replacement of processor and motherboard (motherboard) is slightly more complicated, but also requires no engineering degree. The sensitive parts should always install wisely. Before starting with the replacement of components, find out which parts you want to use. Not every video card or any processor which comes with every motherboard. If in doubt, please check out the manufacturer's website on the Internet on the exact specifications of the components. If you do not know exactly what's in your PC, use diagnostic tools such as SiSoft Sandra Lite or CPU-Z. The give quick information about the inner workings of your PC.

Retrofitting graphics card
Especially gamers do not come around a powerful graphics card, since modern 3D games the graphics processing unit (GPU) performance demand a great deal. Make sure before buying a graphics card that your power supply provides enough power for the card. Modern high-end graphics cards draw up to 300 watts from the system if they are running under full load. Also keep in mind that there is enough space in the housing must be available for the new graphics card. But which model provides the best value for your money? This web has compiled a list of the best graphics card in the following table.

Retrofitting memory
Memory is short-term memory of the computer. The more RAM (Random Access Memory) is in the PC or laptop, the faster can work with it. If the memory too short, Windows stores program components and data on the much slower hard disk. Will the processor to access it, he must insert long waiting periods. This slows down the computer. While RAM modules were formerly quite expensive, the price now stands at under 10 euros per gigabyte (GB). COMPUTER IMAGE shows you how to change the memory in a few steps.

Retrofitting processor (CPU)
In particular, the central processing unit (CPU) determines the performance of your PC. Here, the performance of the processor is dependent not only on the clock frequency: Other factors include the intermediate memory (cache), the number of cores and the supported command sets. So it is possible that processors are faster than higher clocked models with lower clock. No manufacturer has the perfect and suitable for all applications processor. The COMPUTER BILD test lab sets out which processors fit your needs. Installation of a CPU is one of the trickier tasks in PC-building or replacing components.

Retrofitting disks
Those who want to give their computer a decent boost, hits a SSD storage. Operating system, programs and games will benefit noticeably from the fast access to data, the technology brings. Reason: Unlike traditional hard drives with SSDs rotate no magnetic discs, the contents are stored on Flash devices. A controller chip controls access and accepts the internal management. A few years ago were luxuries SSD storage and located in high-end computers. Meanwhile fall for 1GB of not even 50 cents and so the storage for a broad user base are eligible. Which models provoke a particularly strong interest in buying, find out in the following table. By: Julian Tesnau

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