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Police obsolete World War II tanks from Ostsee-Villa

Police obsolete World War II tanks from Ostsee-Villa
The "Panther" Tank, the police found in the basement of the villa of a weapons collector, is on Thursday in Heikendorf near Kiel ready for transport. Since Wednesday, police and armed forces are engaged in the removal of discovered in the Villa military equipment, including the tanks of the Second World War

Heikendorf - An army tank pulls a Wehrmacht tank by a noble quarter: In Ostseeort Heikendorf near Kiel to bizarre scenes have played. The authorities confiscate the tank.

The owner wants to proceed legally against it.
The complicated salvage a World War II-tank from the basement garage of a collector in Heikendorf near Kiel has the Bundeswehr demanded a lot: about nine hours needed almost 20 soldiers on Thursday to bring the tanks of the type Panther out of the house and to push on a low loader. This was made possible only by two armored recovery vehicle with plenty of traction, earlier specially built wooden ramps and sweaty millimeter precision at high summer temperatures.

The loud Bundeswehr nearly 40-ton tanks without chains were discovered during a search in the basement garage of the strange collector day before investigators. The Kieler public prosecutor now investigating allegations against the 78-year-old owner of the tank due to a possible breach of the War Weapons Control Act. "The preliminary proceedings," said senior public prosecutor Birgit Hess.

The man's lawyer described the use as disproportionate. "The tank is demilitarized," said attorney Peter Gramsch Deutsche Presse-Agentur. He wants to take legal action against the seizure and claim compensation for his client. "I assume that the tank has been damaged in the action." The same is true for the private road in front of the Villa. Gramsch also confirmed that the collector also an antiaircraft gun belongs - also demilitarized.

The World War I-tank apparently stood for years in the posh district in the basement of the 78-year-olds. "This is a full-fledged Panzer" said Heike village mayor Alexander Orth after a visit on Thursday morning. "The use is considered appropriate in full." The tank was also not the only reason for use. Already on Wednesday had guns and a torpedo assured investigators.

The Heikendorfer to have been issued in his garden and art from the Nazi era. In this context, he had fallen in the course of investigations by again been submerged Nazi art to the attention of officials. It was about a statue entitled "The Wehrmacht" by Arno Breker, which is in the man's garden. "But that is a copy," said lawyer Gramsch.

The man had the news magazine "Der Spiegel" reported in May that he had a large collection ("but not art") in an underground bunker on his land. There, the Wehrmacht tanks stand ("but not a complete"), which he had eventually bought as scrap in England. He had duly registered all weapons.

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