Friday, July 10, 2015

Seafood Watch: What fish I can eat?

Seafood Watch: What fish I can eat?

Who doubts whether the catfish may still end up on the plate, obtained by the Seafood Watch app security. Warns consumers through a traffic light system. The Seafood Watch app warns consumers when a fish is threatened with extinction.

The Seafood Watch Program lists the fish stocks in the world's oceans and warns consumers. This can be checked by an app, if you can eat a fish without hesitation or not.

When Wels traffic lights green
The English-language app is free and it is available for Smarphones with iOS and Android. How it works: raussuchen the name of the fish. And then pay attention to the traffic light. Under the catfish is a green icon. The fish can therefore end up on your plate. By contrast, the eel is not. The red light indicates a low fish stock. This means: Stay away. The Alaska halibut is considered as a good alternative. Therefore is with him the traffic light on yellow.

An "A to Z" on Sushi
In the Seafood Watch app there is next to the fish Index also a Sushi "A to Z". Users can highlight restaurants with sustainable fish dishes on a map. The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has the Seafood Watch Program launched in 1999. Since 2009 there is the right app. The developers are talking about more than one million downloads.

Download Seafood Watch for iPhone and Android.

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