Sunday, July 5, 2015

Several dead in bathing accidents

Several dead in bathing accidents
In the heat of people flocked to beaches, lakes and rivers. But the cooling was fatal for some children and adults. Berlin (dpa) - In the summer heat piling up in Germany the fatal swimming accidents. Among the victims are also a number of children and adolescents. When lightning strikes to the mega-heat also at least two people were injured at the weekend.

In Bavaria, a four year old drowned in a quarry. On the River Rhine in Cologne on Saturday came a six year old playing killed after he had been captured by the current. In a natural swimming pool in Siegen drowned a young person. Two men came in bathing accidents near Aachen killed. A young man died in the night of Sunday, when he jumped in the river Alster in Hamburg's City by a bridge. At least two people died while swimming in Baden-Württemberg killed. A 63-year-old died in a lake in the Uckermark region in Brandenburg.

To a dangerous incident occurred in front of the Baltic Sea island of Hiddensee: A woman ran over a man in a rescue maneuver with a jetski. He suffered serious injuries. The 37-year-old had tried, police said on Sunday, bringing the man to shore after he had driven off with a drag tires.

The German Life Saving Society (DLRG) called for to swim only in guarded waters. Your information by carelessness often plays a role in bathing accidents. Often people overestimated their skills. At Lakes there are particular dangers, as there usually ruled large temperature differences and the water could be abruptly deeper. If the base is covered, one could also be caught up in the plant. In 2014, according to DLRG 392 people died while swimming in Germany, mostly in rivers and lakes.

The Saharan temperatures brought severe weather in some regions. In Hattingen on the edge of the Ruhr district two people were struck by lightning and seriously injured. One of the two had to be resuscitated by a doctor. A police spokesman said, the two were on the road early Sunday morning in the open field, when the storm broke over them. In several states were burning houses after lightning strikes. Trees fell on roads, basements were flooded by torrential rain.

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