Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Sony: Smart Tennis Match sensor provides data to the Smartphone. Sony has introduced the Smart Tennis sensor. Once attached to the bat, it sends information, such as impact and ball speed and the number of blows to the smartphone and evaluates them.

Sony: Smarter Tennis sensor measures every stroke.
It can be quite cumbersome to improve one's tennis game. From Sony there to support future digital: In cooperation with the manufacturers Wilson, Head, Prince and Yonex, the Japanese have developed a sensor for the tennis racket, which is to assist in the evaluation of your game.

Smart Tennis sensor: How the technology works
By vibration of the racket a sensor measures how hard you hit the ball, which you have given him spin and speed with which the ball flies. The sensor must be inserted on the handle, a corresponding holding device is to be mounted once for it. After the game, the sensor can be removed and stowed away.

Smart Tennis sensor App
Per Smart Tennis sensor app for Android and iOS you evaluate from the game. Who wears a SmartWatch, even gets during the game tips on the chronographs - the arduous transition to Smartphone then omitted. The camera of the smartphone is used and shoots photos, videos, burst shooting or slow motion video and provides this on request with the training results. This makes it possible to share in social networks reached Trainingsfortschritte. The Smart Tennis Sensor is available immediately in the US Wilson shop for $ 199 (the equivalent of approximately 180 Euro). In Germany he will be available soon.

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