Sunday, July 5, 2015

Storm over parts in German

Storm over parts in German

Hannover - One minute bright blue sky, then already heavy rain: storms draw on Sunday across the country. In NRW the weather service counts with even the flashes. Strong storms have made on Sunday in parts of Germany for cooling. In some regions there were according to the German Weather Service also violent hail. Fallen trees blocked roads, basements were flooded. Heavy rain triggered among others in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Saxony from several rescue missions.

To the west, the storm raged intermittently violent. About NRW attracted lightning, thunder and hail from the west of the country. Within 24 hours, went to Sunday Afternoon 65 255 Lightning over Nordrhein-Westfalen down, reported the German Weather Service in Essen. "The storms form today called quickly," said meteorologist Malte Witt.

Heavy hail taught in the south of the state of damage. The grains were part had a diameter of four to five centimeters, Witt said. In the Rhine-Sieg-Kreis constantly rang the phone to the control center of the police. Because of a violent storm also had to be canceled, the football match between FC Gütersloh and relegated Bundesliga SC Paderborn.

In Saxony went according to the German Weather Service in the Ore Mountains, a heat thunderstorms with heavy rainfall of 22 liters per square meter and hour down. Severe weather warnings there were also the Vogtland. In Lower Saxony occurred despite storm but not very strong interference, as a spokesman for the police in Osnabrück said. "We have a few full spilled basement and a couple of folded-over trees. To correct severe damage has not come. "

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