Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The secret of love

The secret of love

How do you find your soul mate as a single with the personality test of salzburg.com/partnersuche. In salzburg.com/partnersuche singles can find their dream partner gradually and anonymous. Namely, based on a science-based personality test and a sort of "Love Formula", the so-called matching method. This love formula consists of 136 algorithms, based on which the data of all members of the 74 questions and 400 answers are compared. That said, here the data from the psychological test are compared with other member profiles.

The love formula at first glance is quite simple, because it is primarily "direct and Feather Flock Together": Similar Personality + same habits + same interests = excellent opportunities for a harmonious relationship. This is true at least for the majority of properties, wishes or ideas. Certain situations, such as the Konfliktfreudigkeit should be rather different and complementary.

Study confirms Online couples are more satisfied
A recent study confirms that couples who have met online, are on average more satisfied than couples who have, to know when going out or about through friends at work. The comparative study between online and offline incurred partnerships has further shown that couples who have met online through a scientifically-based matching process make, when coming together, their apartment or at childbearing faster "brass tacks".

Match me?
Many online dating service on internet support the search for the right partner with the scientifically-based personality test and the matching method. Do you want the free personality test and find the man who really suits you!

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